CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

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CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford 5

Download in 4k / HD. All of the science experiments in the video are real. Watch behind the scenes and see how it was made.

Cymatics features audio visualized by science experiments - including the Chaldni Plate, Ruben's Tube, Tesla Coil and Ferro Fluid.

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This is one of those videos that takes you into a whole new section of YouTube

Author — Bearger The bearger


when physics students try to make a band

Author — Sadist Fish


2014 nope
2015 nope
2016 nope
2017-2018 no
2019 ok. You win

Author — СНЕЖОК


This video was uploaded last 4 years ago, and just today, on 6 June 2019, YouTube recommend this video, and I'm shock at this making music and science together. 👏 congrats!

Author — Farah Aisyah Aziz


Anyone from september 2019??

Edit- October

Author — Reshob Borah


No fundamental particles were hurt in the making of this video... Just excited....

Author — mike lutta


I am grateful finally youtube recommend a good video in 2019

Author — P A V E L


4 elements of nature - Sand, water, fire, wind.

Author — Deepan Prasad


Science, Music and Cinematography. What could you ask more?

Author — Bry Bryyy


I showed this to my best friend
Now he's *EMINEM*

Author — Hack Plus


Exactly 4 years ago, I share this video to my fb, no one cared! Now I share it a gain with detailed explanation of each visual effect... still no one cares :( I've never known that the marriage between science and art faces such a cold attitude from the public!!!
==> Surely this masterpiece is not for everyone. It's just for the ones that deserve enjoying. :)

Author — ComputerBoy


This video taught me well about the dangers in Music business.

Author — Judson Christudas


Music is science, art, love and everything.

Author — Maxmax Max


To all of us listening to this beautiful sound, we are manifesting all our deepest desires and may the force be with us in positive energy & in positive vibrations💓⚛💓

Author — Emmanuel Mokoto


This feels like it has the same energy as Starset's first album and I love it

Author — Horizon Penblade


If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. -Nikola Tesla



My music teacher showed me this and i don’t know why but I just live how this sounds

Author — APATH PRO


*When you're mum wants you to become a scientist but you want to become a musician*

Author — JwKewbs


YouTube recommended brought me here. I’m never leaving

Author — Navy Sniper


Mouth wide open
Can’t stop watching
:O I think I’m enjoying it

Author — ultimate gaming