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Russia local elections: Winners and losers | DW News 5

Russians have cast their ballots in local elections that were preceded by weeks of anti-government protests. News agencies say Vladimir Putin's United Russia party is facing major losses in the capital Moscow.
But despite flagging support, parties tied to the ruling United Russia have retained their majority in Moscow, local media says. Protests and the exclusion of opposition candidates put the poll under intense scrutiny. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny had called on Russians to vote tactically to block candidates from United Russia after some opposition candidates were banned from running. The election was marked by low voter turn-out.

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It doesn't matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes.
- Joseph Stalin.

Author — theylied1776


Sounds like here. Hmmm I wonder if there's a correlation between Russians referred to as reds and our red party in the us? I don't see much difference.

Author — KM Stevens


Putin is on his way out. He can’t govern and Russians are tired of him.

Author — Gerald O'Hare


on the upside of russias farce of an election is at the end of the day the grim reaper always wins

Author — Laszlo Zoltan


Time to take down the commies in Russia and China lol

Author — NDA *


Seems that Shalomov is going down, together with his khazarian brothers.This is the beginning of the end for them and new start for free people in Russia....

Author — nikola zuzic


LOL the loser is Democracy !
The Kremlin wouldn't let opposition MPs stand.
The old corrupt Moscow Mafia : what did you expect when you elected a KGB man ?

Author — vinm300


Putin hand you a few puppets and says here have its an autocracy no diffrent .
It dont matter if someone wins putin has already revolked power and retitled positins to fulfill what he wants. no matter the laws of election he has already changed them several times to benifit himself.he will do it again

Author — Dadson worldwide


Wait, does it mean that Putin and his party lost elections?

Author — Iam Gandone.


In the 21st century lowsy goverments should be overtrown in a soft way ( with a vote ) or in the hard way ( with riots and revolution if required ) we had enough of dictators of any kind and any flag.
People must get into their heads that unless you fight not only a miserable life is guaranted but the country development suffer too, with not only widespread poverty but also future insecurity.Russia is not a mess, its a poor country mess.

Author — busy boy


This person Hijack people on camera Check

Author — Redback Shanto


I don't know how they always vote Putin.

Author — Andrew Bin


Hopefully, a time will come when Russia will be freed from Putin and all the vestiges of his era.

Author — Noblesse Oblige


I'm a simple man, I see a hippy getting a wood shampoo I press like.

Author — DonkeyLips McGee


Mr Putin sort out uk politics we need a strong leadership and you are the man respect sir to you and Russia

Author — O


no limit for presidency ? this is very very very bad and dangerous for the World.

Author — van le


Go Russia. Especially Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov.

Author — Emmitt Abramoff


The beat downs shown are miniscule to what Communist China did at Tieneman Square and what Socialist Venezuela does to its citizens when you look at what Russia, China and Venezuela have done on TV. As over a dozen Muslim countries have beat downs so severe they execute gays, so if liberals go after Russia that's fine but they must go after all of the above.

Author — Kip McEwen


I read that the protest were very small for its type and when compared to what happened in othwr big cities like in Germany and France. So that means that the people still like him..for now.

Author — The Oasis


Russian elections are simple Putin wins opposing candidate die or in jail

Author — Syed Imadulhaq