Lindsey Graham reacts to Trump's Oval Office speech

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Lindsey Graham reacts to Trump's Oval Office speech 4.5
Trump delivers Oval Office address on border security, Democratic leaders follow with rebuttal; reaction from Sen. Lindsey Graham. #Hannity #FoxNews

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Schumer and Pelosi need to be asked why it was a crisis when they agreed to fund 700 miles of barriers in 2006 and now when it is much worse it is no longer a crisis

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


Lindsey Graham is 100% correct this has nothing to do with a wall, this has everything to do with Donald Trump being the one asking for it, and thats the real problem.

Author — Greg M


Trump is right! We cannot allow USA be flooded by dodgy illegal entrants.

Author — Kevin Wellwrought


Lind-Sey!, Lind_sey!, Lind-Sey! Thank you for standing up for OUR president.

Author — Sonam Palmo


Yes shutdown pelosi and shumer's office... don't work no pay!

Author — Beverly Bangasan



Author — Becky Jean


Declare state of emergency. Put something on my tax filing to donate to the wall....I dont care. JustDoIt

Author — John Bryant


If all of this money was approved before, but the wall was never built....where did the money go?

Author — Mad Hatter


Good job Sen Graham, but I'm so tired of hearing these people say, "my Democrat friends..." Democrats are not our friends. They are the enemy of our Republic.

Author — David Holliday


Build the wall and put chucki, pelosi, waters and the rest ( too many to mention ) into the foundations with a plaque stating why they were all put there!MAGA!

Author — Mick Bawn


Paul Ryan is just as guilty for this crisis as any Democrat.

Author — Mr Haggin


How about 50 caliber machine guns every 500 feet!!!!

Author — Ted Pert


Leave a message on Nancy Pelosis answering machine 202-225-4965

Author — slayer


By not acknowledging that president Trump won they aren't acknowledging the American people!!!

Author — Joan Taylor


Excellent, effective and compelling speech. Kudos for everything in it, Mr. President. The ONLY thing I would have added, is Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer's previous comments from a couple years ago, and have them all on a video loop, and ask simply: What Changed, Chuck and Nancy? Why did you feel a Wall or barrier was needed THEN, and not now? Great speech, and the ball is in the Democrat court.

Author — BigBingFan


For decades, we have patrolled and guarded the border between North Korea and South Korea with our military. How is it that a foreign country's border is better guarded and defended than our own and by our own troops?

Author — Bearded Gardener


The Democrats are acting like school age children, and if they don't stop now they are going to be punished by the American people. We won't have to be concerned on sending our Military troops outside of our Country because they'll be needed here folks fighting a civil war that was cause by both the Democrats and Republicans in the Government itself. Shame on all of them making us all look weak and dismantled.

Author — Bobbie Harper


Stay strong. The wall has to be built God Bless the POTUS

Author — mclanaford


Is there really a need to debate on the need for a border wall? This is a no-brainer, a most common sense. You need a wall that is monitored and maintained by a border patrol equipped with a monitoring technology.

Author — Renato Ajero


Why can’t political leaders see that THEY are, and always have been, the problem?

Author — Justice Coming