Confetti Collection Unboxing | February/March 2020

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Confetti Collection Box for February March 2020
⭐⭐⭐ 3 Stars out of 5 on my worth it scale!

This box is new to my channel and I had so much fun opening it! I loved everything inside and I feel that the theme was curated thru out all of the items. The packaging is beautiful and it is really gorgeous when you open the box up and see this pretty pink package waiting for you. I think the price point is perfect and you receive exactly what you pay for in this box. (Hence the 3 star rating on the value scale, we are breaking even.) Overall, I just feel happy after opening this box! The fun colors, the unique items, and the quantity of items are everything I want from this box!
This box was kindly sent for review, but the thoughts/opinions are my own and not influenced by Confetti Collection.

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The laugh stone can be put in your pocket or on a desk and when you touch it to remind you to laugh. I liked past boxes more but this box is still fun. I like how positive you are! ❤️

Author — DOT InOklahoma


this one isn't bad at all....mauvy pink is even the trend for ribbon now. 👍🏻

Author — LittleMakeupChannel


This was my first time getting this box.... disappointed... 🙄🙄🙄... I will give them one more chance before canceling♡♡♡

Author — Betsaida Albarran


You are so nice! I got this box as my first box and immediately contacted the company for a refund (as I paid for the year) which they did give me. I thought it was thrown together and looks like dollar store items. Was so disappointed as all the other unboxing I watched for previous months were so cute!

Author — Tina Marina25


Girl!! You make me feel like we're just chattin' it right up about awesome products. Love your bubbly, happy, grateful personality!! Hugs, from Illinois!! 🤗👋

Author — Bonnie


Some very pretty colours but quite an odd selection of items in the box!

Author — Violetfrays


Others are saying its the jan/feb box :) Many are not happy with it this month.

Author — Heather & Kaylee Mosher


This box does not have free shipping. Maybe it does for you but not for the people who have to pay for it.

Author — kyasidre