When Boxing Gets Personal Part 3

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When Boxing Gets Personal Part 3 4.5

Part 3 to my When Boxing Gets Personal series . The original series has 7 parts and I am completely remastering all of them before I can work on a Part 8
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Casuals dont know the origins of "Lets go Champ"

Author — ecw787


Ooooh Briggs trolling and following Klitschko everywhere is legendary :D

Author — Csilla


Briggs trolling was classic. Make a wave

Author — JasonTheWorldisYours


Dollar General Brand Ice Cube vs Great Value Mike Tyson is Malcolm Tann vs Cliff Couser, in case anyone wanted to know.

Author — marclaycar92


Roy Jones Jr: “Wassup Tarver?!”

Tarver: 😁😄😃

Roy Jones Jr: “Matter of fact, I might fight Antonio Tarver!”

Tarver: 😕😐🤨

Author — Stash Ketchum


Margarito deserves that beating, I’m happy Pacquiao gave him a beating too

Author — Ye


Huge respect for Cotto for staying grounded with margarito and punished him where it was to be done, not at the table. margarito is trash of a human being

Author — j0rss


“This isn’t MMA but that was a perfect takedown.” I’m going too have to disagree with that one.

Author — Liam Birch


Mundine’s widely considered to be an idiot by most of Australia. Definitely a very talented athlete but the blokes got an extremely big mouth and spent his career fighting sub par opponents in Australia instead of fighting legit competition in the US. Constantly compares himself to Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson despite winning mostly vacant titles and losing multiple times by KO.

Also Mundine has made a bunch of ignorant comments about being Muslim and Aboriginal like saying the US deserved 9/11 and calling fellow Aboriginal fighter Daniel Geale an “Uncle Tom”. Also he’s had a truly horrible rap career.

Author — Edmond Tarvedyan


Broner wears the fact he's from the hood like a badge of honor in the worse way, he should be proud he had the opportunity to get away from it but he's so proud of his ignorant mentality.

Author — Slikz Is like


Shannon Briggs vs Klitschko is the best one 🤣🤣

Author — mox l


Lol. At 1:53, I havent seen a facial expression change like that since Bruce Lee did that side kick in Return of the Dragon!!

Author — DynamoDeniro


Yo Hancho i wanna see your 2010’s Fight if thé Decade list. I’m sure the rest of your fellow subscribers can attest. Bring on the violence

Author — Elijah Miller


That Friday clip

"Real life dramatization"

Author — Thy Divinity


Hahaha! Briggs is hilarious but, when he got the water poured on his head he didn't punch Vladimir or even try to hit him he just broke all the dishes. Didn't do anything back but break dishes! He is funny as shit though. Cotto is a legend and Antonio was a cheater

Author — kyle Rittenhouse


“Picked him up like an unfolded ironing board”😂😂😂😂

Author — Young1495


Part 3 to my When Boxing Gets Personal series . The original series has 7 parts and I am completely remastering all of them before I can work on a Part 8 . Hope yall enjoy .This is a big month for content stay tuned!
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Author — OfficeHanchoBoxing


When Wladimir poured the water on Briggs he jumped up like he was a demon getting holy water on him

Author — Cult Mechanicus


Shannon Briggs was hilarious at that time 😂😂

Author — Bricky Watters


Shannon Briggs was hilarious.
Showing up to random buildings all kinds of stuff.
"Lets Go Champ!"
Needs to be written on his grave lol

Author — Franklin Stine