President Trump's Muslim-Targeted Travel Ban: The Daily Show

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President Trump's Muslim-Targeted Travel Ban: The Daily Show 4.5

After President Trump signs an executive order banning travel from several Muslim-majority countries, Hasan Minhaj examines the uplifting public response.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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Guys look on the bright side: 4 years of Trevor roasting trump.
EDIT: this did not age well 2020 has been trash.

Author — Shannon Mc


The only *GOOD* thing about Trump is that he's allowing for the best comedy skits ever.

Author — IcyFlame


Here in South Africa, Muslims, Christians and Athiests live right alongside each other and there is virtually no religious violence, despite general crime levels being high... it is so easy find common goals and beliefs and build on those... and it's the only way! I hope Americans realise that.

Author — David Robertson


It is pretty ironic that all trump did was bring more support to islam. Islam was and still is the fastest growing religion despite the bad press brought up against it. That in and of itself is a miracle. Mohamad was honored by the US supreme court in 1935 as one of the greatest law givers in the world. Terrorism acts that were "Islamic" only started recently (20 years give or take) but islam has been around for 1400+ years.

Author — Study & Game


Trump won't last. Just like his supporters who didn't last in school and dropped out.

Author — SWFARE


ISIS act doesnt mean to islam

Suicide is a sin

Author — Private Meowi


Trevor's accents are always so funny and spot on.

Author — Coasterlocity


Two things I have in common with Trump.
- I haven't watched Finding Dory
- I'm unfit to be president

Author — Jim Mason


"Listen, Hasan, you're a citizen, so this ban doesn't affect you!"
I'm with Hasan on this one, how about you guys?

Author — Akash Shah


“Allah banned”
Me: *taking time to process because whatever I just read was the stupidest comment”.

Author — Ruwayda O


(8:30) And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.
Great truth of God by the way 8:30 is the number of this chapter from the Quran and i am surprised its the same minute in the video for the same thing god Is truly glorious I wish just all people know :( I wish everyone just worship the only one who created him in the first place :(
Allah banned ? you cant ban God who created the universe and everything from on country (Allah means God you know he is the same God in both Christianity and Judaism by the way I love how God turns around the people bad plans against them

Author — Remision Arcidash


Fox News: “hE’s nOt gOnNa bAn aLl mUsLiMs.”

You hear that guys? He’s not banning ALL Muslims he’s just banning people from Muslim majority countries, you see it’s completely different.

Author — Ultron-5


Just wait I hear donald is thinking of changing the usa currency name to the donald

Author — CursedNaruto


The fact that some people still support this guy, its sad really :(

Author — Qsayed Alshamsi


Shout outs to the Trump Fans being triggered! 😂

Author — Joshnexus3000


"Sacramento California, the Syria of the west" I cried

Author — Leyla Ozdenak


lmfao at all the comments of people getting pissed at a comedy central host. why did you come here if not to start a fight??? do you honestly have nothing better to do?

Author — FluffyZergling


If we could only ban the Kardashians instead....

Author — Nikki Beacth


And then there are Indian Hindus
Who are fighting with Muslims of their own country

Author — Kanha Dhameja


so trump supporters really watch shows that are anti trump only to be mad when they make anti trump statements...

Author — leonie mills