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There is more than "poutine" as good food and restaurants in Montreal.

Author — herve30able1


I'm from montreal and this video, really represents the top 3 foods and places of this fabulous city!!! ^_^ Bon appétit!

Author — Schems08


I've never been to Montreal, but I wanted to go there since 4 years. Now, I want to be there even more!

Author — miri3456


The Poutine looks delicious. I would cover it in a tobascoish hot-sauce. Mmm. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Anton Seim


Pretty fluffy vid- next time please do an in depth video on these delicious foods-

Author — Torpedo Tundra


Tasty!! I am going to try the poutine place next.

Author — Debbie Ng


The man speaks the truth at about the 2:57 mark when you have the subtitles on. Yes, we have a lot of "poutine" here. LOL

Author — Stella & Twins


There's not one thing I hate more than when we can hear them chewing as they speak in these videos

Author — Jango Fett


@teemuruskeepaa Who cares?! You live once, might as well travel the world and have some kickass food whilst you're at it.

Author — Cisco Zarandin-Araneta


would be nice to also mention the street or location of the restaurants.... google it is:)

Author — P N


St. Viateur is good... rest are severely overrated! especially la banquise. i highly recommend trying the poutine from Ma Poulet Mouille.. which is right opposite banquise (but their grilled chicken with peri is also extra-ordinarily good!)

Author — Abhi Ghosh


I live in Montréal and i feel insulted by THE way you say poutine plus original poutine isnt spicy…

Author — Chlo


Smoked meat and bagels absolutely but some of the best poutine is outside Montreal if anything

Author — Louis


tbnk, pronounce poutine correctly imbecile

Author — Lil Red


Bahhh that poutine .. looks awful actually !

those frozen fries .. =S at least it´s what it looks like !

Author — Alain B


so tired of hearing about poutine... get the smoked meat sandwich guys, schwartz's is probably the most tender, but you can find great smoked meat all over the city, like reuben's, chenoy's, le roi du smoked meat, get the medium or medium fat, enjoy!

Author — quaxk


what does a sandwhich in these resteraunts cost like $30? and I'll bet they're not even filling

Author — Saleh Malaeb


Go to poutine ville, you can customize your poutine like different kinds of fries, cheese, vegetable, meat. La banquise is overrated and disgusting dont know why its so hyped up

Author — hong li


Most Montrealers cook at home if your lucky you will see the true french food I my self Make hand cut fries and gravy with cheese and Montreal smoked meat chopped and fried onions
Another Tip If you go to these bagel shops don't order more then your going to eat while walking ..They go hard after 3 or 4 hours and throwing them in a mircowave later is just wrong ..

Author — freakyflow


I'd rather go to Montreal on vacation than New York because the people are WAY friendlier, the food is diverse, and the residents are entirely francophone. You should go there on Christmas Day!

Author — Al Black