World's FIRST ever game of Chord Progression Ping Pong | David Bennett Piano & Bryn Bliska

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

What do you get when you get two of the world's most talented music theory chord voicing geniuses and set them down at a ping pong table to volley chords back and forth? What you get is awesome collections of advanced chords that you can now use in your own chord progressions!

YouTube sensation @David Bennett Piano met up with artist/producer @Bryn Bliska while she was on tour in the UK in @Jacob Collier's band. They both brought their A-game to the table and the result are three amazing Chord Sets that are now part of Chord Sequencer, the latest Player MIDI effect included in Reason+.

If you want to use these three Chord Sets, simply get Chord Sequencer and Reason (details below)!

A HUGE thank you to David and Bryn for being a part of this video. Go and check out their channels:

David: @David Bennett Piano
Bryn: @Bryn Bliska



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love the VERY LOUD drum n bass in between the soulful chord segments

Author — Joshua Laplap TV


The actual video: 🥰🤗🎶🎹
The transitions: 😎😱🤘🤘👊😵⚡🔊🤯

Author — Giovanni Lima ♪


I have little to no idea what's going on, I'm just enjoying two brilliant musicians jamming.

Author — Josef Kárný


I love how they start trying to out jazz each other to the point that it looks more like droid names from star wars than actual chords

Author — Ed Cady-Ross


im gonna need an episode where its jacob collier vs charlie puth that would be heavenly

(or any one of the people other people suggested in the replies really.)

Author — Krow クロウー


I was expecting them to have to come up with their chord choices in a flash like actual ping pong, where you don’t stand there like: “Hmm, I think maybe I’ll return your serve with a backhand here… and maybe some backspin on it…” Ooh, nice, I’ll do a lob back at you…”

Author — mk win


As they kept adding chords, I thought to myself "wow, this is spicy. The improv is going to be wild. How are they going to connect the changes?" But I was a little bit disappointed though as they ended up just using some. Brilliant musicians though.

Author — Geogi Bodies


Cool. Now do this with people like Domi, Aydin Esen, Jonah Nilsson, Anomalie, Cory Henry, Tigran Hamasyan, Louis Cole, Jesus Molina etc.

Author — mister tamura


Love this idea. Would be great if in future episodes you could break things down a little bit more for people new to music theory. Not asking to slow the process down, maybe just to keep the chords on screen when they jam instead of cutting back and forward and also maybe to then explain a bit more in depth about why certain things work. Really love the idea and just subbed to see what comes in the future.

Author — Jimmy Scott


I applaud this video because as a musician of over 45 years experience and Mastery of several different instruments I can tell all you young folks out there that this is the way the greatest music in the world was written. Maybe it wasn't two keyboard players facing each other over a ping pong table but you certainly had Paul McCartney and John Lennon throwing chords and ideas back and forth at each other as well as many other great songwriting Duos like gambling Huff and a bunch of other great names.

Author — Man Danglelow


The BbMaj9-dim7-Am7 progression at 4:35 is wild because I was hearing the chords in my head right before you played them thinking "oh this would fit nicely" and then that's the chord you played 👀

Author — Matthew Troiano


Brilliant. Love David Bennett’s tutorials on music theory. Learnt a lot from him. Top bloke.

Author — RJ Bush


This is really F-ing cool. Would totally watch a whole series of this. Would love the jamming to be a bit longer tho!

Author — erfho8y


I've always played table tennis like this. I thought this was how people ordinarily do it.

Author — Paeng Ferrer


Major respect to Reason for making some cool content and getting cool people involved, everybody within this space should be taking notes!

Author — Drew Grit


this was wonderful, very cool to see some back-and-forth music creation that showcases collaboration. i think a lot of us get stuck in our solo production silos and just want more and more automation, complex features, etc.

Author — R


I like that they compliment each other at every chord exchange

Author — copertura 446465 7ghi


I was kind of expecting something else. This felt like a regular jam session where no one could lose.

Here’s how I believe would’ve made this “game” a bit more interesting. The server: serves the first chord. This becomes the root tone. We make it simple and start with triads. As the server serves the chord, he/she yells the genre that needs to be played. The receiver has 2 beats to play a progression chord that compliments the “incoming” chord. As the game progresses you add color to the chords and the beat/rhythm gets faster. Although the receiver has 2 beats, as tempo gets faster you get less time to return the chord.

Chords may not be repeated until 4 “hits” so to speak (makes it more interesting).
A spike would be a run up or a run down..
I don’t know something like that would’ve interested me more.

Don’t get me wrong, the chords played here are nice, but it just got boring after round 2.

Author — Jorge Torres


John Horton Conway (may he count to infinity in peace) created the Game of life, the first zero player game. You have successfully created what might be the first zero-game game - a game without any aspects of a game.

Author — ViliamF


That must be an incredible experience. I would love to try too. 😋

Author — Batteur Académie