Fragile Hands -- Letdowns and Bad Habits

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

Country : USA
EP : Between Here and Infinity
Genre : Melodic Hardcore
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Lyrics :

Im sorry that my life isnt the life you had planned for me

Im so sorry...

Its so hard to make sense of who i am
Because looking back all I ever wanted
Was to be accepted for the things I achieved and the goals I had set
For myself and only myself.
I always wanted to be just like you
But your absence in my adolescence taught me how to lay the footprints of my own bright future.
Still, Id be lying if I said that I didnt want you to be proud of me.

But Maybe I did something?
Maybe I pushed you away?
I just dont know anymore
I...I just want my childhood back
I just want to hear that youre proud of the choices Ive made
And the steps that Ive taken
To make my own destiny

A destiny that should be so fulfilling
And yet, I still have such a big, empty hole in my heart that I relied on you to mend: That I relied on you to fill...

I just cant go on pretending to be something that Im not
Im just so tired of living to your standards of letdowns and bad habits
This is not how a family is supposed to be

Break the chains
That bind you to negativity
Break the chains
That bind you to mediocrity
Break the chains