Last To Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Mimi Locks Challenge

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Last To Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Mimi Locks Challenge 4
Last To Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Mimi Locks Challenge, My best friends and I went to a high bridge 100ft over the ground and the last one to drop her Apple iPhone while holding it with two fingers only wins a cash prize of ten thousand dollars.

Faze Rug, Morgz and Familia Diamond did this challenge so I wanted to make it with my best friends too.

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Like if u dont care -_-

Author — 5,000 SUBS with 0 vids??


7:07 did it break umm what do u expect

Author — Mini Liza


Mimi yo estoy suscrita a tus 2 canales pero el de mimi land es TODO IGUAL pero en español y este es TODO IGUAL pero en ingles. Como haces?? Saludos desde Argentina😘😘

Author — julio coelho


When mimi asked a question to isa she has her phone on hand but earlier she dropped it

Author — CottonChxrry


When she said bts i screamed i love them

Author — The brave ones


What the heck last to drop iPhone I'm definitely lose that

Author — Jovita Alvarez


Lisa and Lena quit because they didn’t like that musically changed to Tik tok

Author — Kimbo


Who else saw that Mimi was using her phone when she dropped it 100ft

Author — Cesar Diaz


I like videos when suddenly kpop stuff come out 😂😂

Author — Saniya Talukdar


Does a “last to drop phone” challenge and then cries and says my phone fell!

Author — jvstfluffy


I dont get how they have such a low amount of subs. They deserve like 5 million

Author — Matej Ivanoski


I won a last to drop pants once. It was funny, everyone had boxers on. Thank you

Author — Lawrence Hodgson


if i was insitead of mimi i would just cry

Author — faisal the pro player


Love you so much hope you’re doing good

Author — Carlos Morales


I think your friend in the yellow shirt wins a 1, 000 dollars

Author — Imani Grant


I am such a fan a fan of you Mimi locks and I subscribed to you and please can I get a shout out

Author — Raja Sellathurai


Mimi's mom said that the question is *WHAT IS BTS NAME* not nickname

-Kim Nam Joon
-Kim Seok Jin
-Kim Tae Hyung
-Min Yoon Gi
-Park Jimin
-Jung Ho Seok
-Jeon Jungkook

Am I right ? WHO AGREE? ARMY?

Author — x X C h o c o x L a t t e X x


9:18 Why Is She Reading Her Phone It's Destroyed Right??

Author — Zeus Villanueva


I love you're VIDS! but you guessed it right in BTS I know RM, Jin, park jimin, Jung kook, suga, j-hope and ye

Author — Batool Fatima


I got a bts ad when they were about to talk about bts loll

Author — Roselena Meha