Big Night (Theatrical Trailer)

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In a restaurant run by two Italian immigrants, the tables sit empty despite the extraordinary talents of Primo the chef (Tony Shalhoub, "Monk") and the ambitious efforts of his brother Secondo (Stanley Tucci, The Devil Wears Prada). A celebrity night at their restaurant promises not only to turn their business around but to change their lives.

It's a five-course gourmet experience filled with rich, delicious characters including the marriage-minded girlfriend (Oscar® nominee Minnie Driver), the seductive mistress (Isabella Rossellini) and the successful rival (Oscar® nominee Ian Holm). From the first bite to the last, this critically-acclaimed movie dishes up an irresistible evening of scrumptious entertainment.

MPAA Rated R for language.

Produced by Rysher Entertainment & Timpano Production. Released by The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

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Martin Scorsese said in a talkshow, in the late 90’s, that Big Night was one of his favorite recent movies. This made me watch it. And I immediately fell in love with it. The characters all have a clear motivation for their actions without falling into too many clichés. The side characters feel like real people. People you might know, each with quirky habits and playful manners. The final big night dinner scene is simply a celebration of life and a joy to watch.



'This is a restaurant, not a 'cooking' school.' Nice edit.
As someone who has worked in a restaurant more than half my life I love this movie. It's so simple, but so good! If you watch closely you can see how the two brothers represent the Old World Italian culture and the New World business/American Dream mindset. This is certainly a most match for anyone in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

Author — kwyjiboss


One of the most underrated movies of all time.

Author — Sam Carrick


Stanley is still going strong with his new show on Italy!

Author — GunCollector007


As a lover of food and cinema this film blew my mind...wonderful stuff



An (& and I hate when people say this but...) Underrated movie that most people don't know about. It needs more love

Author — 13th Evergreen


Loved by movie buffs and the restaurant industry people.

Author — Dennis Lee


I am so glad this style of movie trailer is no longer popular.

Author — chavesa5


One of my favorite movies. Definitely top 10. Complex characters, great plot, great cast, classic soundtrack. A homer in. But this trailer is awful. Does not fit the movie at all.

Author — KEZ


-Name a more iconic Italian brotherhood. I'll wai- Mario and Luigi

Author — Narv Dogg


This a-movie, it's a spicy a-meat-a-bol

Author — Team Ross


The official film of the Burger Brigade.

Author — Andrew Main


The chef show on Netflix brought me here.

Author — emanandchill