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Bell Huey Startup 3.5
Start der 70+70 aus Niederstetten beim Tag der Offenen Tür der Feuerwehr Lauda am 28.07.2013.
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I am writing this on my wife's iPad I was a combat veteran in VIETNAM 67 68 with 1st air cavalry div these were our horses you ought to see what 50 of these hues look light in combat air assulty it's something you will never forget if you watch Robert Duvall MOVIE that sound of those choppers in combat is something you will take to your grave.

Author — Mary Mayes


Hi Bro,
AWESOME catch of that HUEY, High five bro 👍👍

Author — Hamann Shaikh


Verdammt, ich vermisse diese Kiste !!!

Author — John Doe


Der Sound is einfach unverkennbar.... Top !!

Author — ano nym


When I hear the sound of this helicopter it reminds me of my youth when I was a parachutist and we jumped from these helicopters in Venezuela when this country was a democracy in the seventies and I will never forget the sound of these helicopter blades. some pleasant memories of this time.

Author — angargoy


This helicopter was widely used in the Vietnam War .Sturdy workhorse !

Author — Pragasam Supiahs


Thank God that helicopter was born!!! Great vid!

Author — ShoNuff


Schönes Video vom UH-1D, Daumen Hoch!

Author — Baden Air Traffic


Someone said: " The image and sound of helicopters Huey UH - 1 is a part of Vietnam war ". Yes, it is true as for me personally.
The image and sound of helicopters Huey UH - 1 starting up, taking off and landing everyday at a small helicopter airport in front of my Quoc Hoc high school after " TET Mau Than " 1968 have engraved upon my mind. And many Huey UH - 1 helicopters were shot down by V.C from 1968 to end of Vietnam war.
Especially, I saw directly a crash of a Huey UH - 1 rifgt after taking off and was sunk deep at the bottom of Huong Giang river in Hue city ( behind the Quoc Hoc stone stele ), very very sorrowful there was a pilot of VNAF died at that time.

Author — Trung Sơn Tôn


Huey tu me is like a harley davidson. Beautiful sound.. Nice!!.. Thought they were going to show how to start it up 😏😔

Author — Él Capitán


Der Sound einer Legende. Ich Liebe Es !!!

Author — Animal 13


Yes, The old iconic Huey UH-1H with the Lycoming T-53-L-13 engine. 1400 hp. I use to repair and fly these babies! 242 US gallons/916 liters of JP4 and get that turboshaft engine to 6, 600 rpm and off you go for 2.7 hours in the air. Awesome video! Great sound effect!

Author — MIG Pilot


Der SAR 41 flieg noch in Nörvenich, der SAR 56 und 58 sind in Landsberg am lech stationiert und der SAR 87 in Holzdorf

Author — Huey-Fan


Why does a huey sound almost like a cessna?

Author — Robert Allen


About as simple and reliable as a 'copter can be made.

Author — Doug Alan


balanceament static in main rotor is very good !!!

Author — Mec Min


Flying pickup trucks. That you can stick guns and rockets on. What's not to like?

Author — felidae9


In Lauda sogar. Da hatten wir dieses Jahr auch eine UH-1D, aber vom SAR-Kommando. Vielleicht zum letzten Mal, da sie ja bekanntlich demnächst ersetzt werden soll. Aber wir sehen sie zum Glück noch relativ häufig hier fliegen.

Author — Vollzug