Graham Gill's Custom Maverik Metrik

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Hey Greg, I've been considering getting a Metrik for a while now and your mini review at the end has convinced me. This pocket looks really great and I would love to put it in a Metrik. If I could get the pattern or if you could post a tutorial that'd be great. If you can't, I understand. Thanks a lot, Jake

Author — prlacrosse13


I think I might start string sticks because of you! Great tutorials!

Author — usiku fs


Greg ive only been playing for one year now but thanks to you im the best stringer on my team and i love it ive learned so much from you thanks and keep making videos im a huge fan

Author — Jeury delarosa


Hey Greg, you have a couple maverik metrik videos, and i like them all but could you perhaps reply with the pattern for either of ur metriks or maybe a video of a stringing guide for it? Cheers

Author — JH Lee


Nice transition from the channel to the pocket!
Nice stringing and great vid!

Author — Mafia13


Can you please make a video on how you form your pocket on your lakota and your shooter strings. THANKS!!

Author — Caleb Gillespie


Could you put up a string tutorial for the metrik?! Pleaseee

Author — Max Dunn


Looks great very clean. Would this side wall pattern work with the maverick rise head. Thanks 

Author — fernando pimentel


@East Coast Dyes please do a stringing tutorial for metrik or put up pattern

Author — wyatt


If its not too much trouble can you put a pattern up for the metrik preferably the a mid or low pocket

Author — Copycat Rust


I would definitely say the face shape is more reminiscent of a clutch than any type of evo. The pinch and flare go up much higher than any evo.

Author — Jp Hatch


That head looks awesome. Thinking about getting a metrik but not to sure yet.

Author — Yovany Jimenez


You never give out patterns anymore...

Author — EliteLax03


Hey Greg, I recently bought some navy to red fade ECM with a white stx hammer. similar to what you have in this vid. how/what colors should i string it with? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Author — PoodleHead


What's the pattern for this if you don't mind?

Author — Charles


I think you said subscribe to this video

Author — ricky tran