Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, and Shin Seung-ho play Mafia Game [ENG SUB]

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Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, and Shin Seung-ho get cracking in a game of Mafia, that is… until one of them cracks and reveals their mafia identity 🤣 Masters at magic? More like masters at deception and detective work— the ALCHEMY OF SOULS cast shows off their impeccable chemistry, or should we say alchemy?🧪😉

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Lee Jae wook's facial expressions will always be gold. This is why Jang Uk is always so funny

Author — NOV


Their friendship is precious...the boys even speak comfortably to somin

Author — Amy R.


alchemy of souls just keeps getting better and better every episode ! the acting and osts are so good .. all casts have great chemistry and the cinematography never fails

Author — Nasrun Sj


Jaewook is so head over heels in love with Minhyun hahahaha

Author — Joyce Ann Marie Sabandal


This is probably one of the most aesthetic and comfortable cast I've seen in years.. Like, I had to watch this 4 times just to concentrate on 1 face the entire time cause I can't seem to decide where to look and who to listen to if I look at all of them at once. Somin being the eldest might also be one of the factors why the guys are comfortable with her cause she's comfortable talking to them casually.. She takes care of them as the eldest and they take care of her as the only woman in their midst.. 😍

Author — Lenj Lavador


Hwang Minhyun really can't play this mafia game😂 but he already won all the swoon and tvn games before. He's so cute and funny lmao 🤣

Author — JM YS


Jung somin unnie for s2, she had a great chemistry to all T.T



Seung Ho pouting and telling them not to make fun of his drawing skills and So Min reassuring him and saying she was just curious about his drawing 🥺🥺🥺 these four together have really fun dynamics 😂🥰

Author — Min Lhyra


they are so funny playing mafia and guessing who the mafia is they are so energetic and how it ended was so impressing

Author — anele


i can't stop staring at Jaewook' gummy smiles. he is so gorgeous. and the casts chemistry is daebak .. love them

Author — 3010BTSnoona


jaewook is a big fan of minhyun😂 he always says minhyun is cute🥰

Author — Rafiqatul Aminah


I can't accept Jang-Uk falling in love in a different face 😭 plsss don't remove Jung Somin in

Author — Yaamingboo


Kudos to Minhyun’s stylist, he really looks like a prince ✨🥺😍🤎

Author — AkFiq


The crown prince may have lost, but he's winning us over with these interviews 👑🤨🗡

Author — Kat Ski


Just a quick plug for the show. Jung So-min really, really needs to come back for season 2. I wish the best to the original Naksu, but fight to keep Jung So-min. She is great.

Author — shesaidsomething1


Seung ho: Oh! You still have 3 left!
I'm laughing so hard. You don't have to expose them like that 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Jennifer Huang


Their main mission is always make sure Shin Seung Ho lose and get the cute penalty in every game possible 😆

I love how Min Hyun always take care and praise his dongsaeng, and Jae Wook act as cooly as possible but still can't hide his 'baby-moment' from the others 😂

So Min is always be the coolest among all, but stiiillll she's the cutest mix of cotton candy and rabbit 🥰

Author — Iris Miyazaki


they always make seungho lose the game so he can do the penalty, you can tell they’re friends who love teasing each other i love this cast <3

Author — valsol


''I am the mafia.'' I seriously love Shin Seung-ho. Especially when he loses and has to do penalties that make me melt.

Author — Puddin' Tane


I love the way Jae Wook's character matches so well with the drama like he his bubbly, funny, smiling.
I love this guy so much 😭

Author — namjoonprefect