🔥 5 things I HATE about CANADA

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🔥 5 things I HATE about CANADA 4.5

This video is about 5 points that I hate about Canada.

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Some morons only upload videos about advantages to coming to canada, people should have awareness for disadvantages too, nice work bro

Author — John Paul


i wish youtube would come up with an option to turn off background music which is so unnecessary in lot of videos these days.

Author — basicsurfer08


He used “you know” more than Modi uses “MITTRON” and it’s irritating AF😂😂😂

Author — themilemunchervlogs


I hate Canada but still I immigrated there and live there- Shitanshu

Author — hardeep singh


The comment section.. omg can't he just mention the disadvantages of living in a foreign country? Obviously he doesn't hate Canada but just mentioning some negative aspects..no one is perfect dude.

Author — Kishore Singh Rajput


winter is so great, you just need to learn how to love it.

Author — Lark St-Amand


How about deleting "you know" as a term from your memory? 😉

Author — Delhi Drive Thru


You're complaining about waiting 3 hours in the emergency ward? Try the U.S. system then. You'll get preferential treatment but they'll bill you in 5 to 6 digits and bankrupt you. Even more so if you're in E.R.

Author — fowlerfreak


Idiots commenting rude comments about him have to understand he never said don't come to Canada..neither did he ever said India is better than Canada or Canada is better than India..
He is providing information about a country ..so he will of course tell both the pros and cons of a country..he has 98% of his videos telling the benefits of Canada ..there I don't see anyone of you commenting thanks or good video..stop commenting shit comments when your life is sad af...grow up kids

Author — Piyush Garg


2800 per 2 bed room, how much money I have to make?

Author — Ran Scorp


Bro you are complaining about waiting for 4 to 6 hours for kidney stones operation.

Here in India, in 2016 my mom was given a date of approx 8 months for the same in a government hospital.

I immediately took her to a private hospital and got operated within a day.

Author — PhoenixDC


U keep saying.. "U know". Honestly I don't know. But getting to know from you.. Thank you for such lovely videos.

Author — Benson John


I think he didn't work in India ever before. In India we only pay taxes but don't get anything

Author — Sarika Behal


You look like a magician. I was waiting for a magic trick from the begging of the video.

Author — Sujith Simon


Bro, can you do without the background music. Its too loud and very distracting



Nice video who want to move to Canada they need to know everything not only positive things sum negative points and real facts.

Author — Suresh Alapati


dude 20 hour flight is the fastest flight with stops if u r a billionear get your own jet to fly non stop still it will take 12 to 14 hours

Author — hellslayer 96


Ya right, pls come come rm Canada because the courier delivery is weird just like u .. oh what a bad review video... plss get a life

Author — K J


Great one. Everything and every place has it’s positive and negative points and it’s different for everybody so it’s great that you shared your point of view. This can help those who want to weigh their option. Once again amazing video 👍🏻

Author — Rupal Gogia


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Author — kannan Ambady