Curious Baby Elephant Seal

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Curious Baby Elephant Seal 5

A baby elephant seal curious, brave, and too comfortable with and among people it turns out. Petermann island, Antarctica. Below is a longer description in response to viewers' comments.

Antarctica is remote wilderness (yes, even the Peninsula that gets the lion's share of small but increasing tourist numbers). There is no baiting, feeding, tracking or approaching the animals to facilitate interaction with tourists. All close interaction happens by chance and is initiated by the animal itself. The number of people landing at each site is closely monitored (no more than 100 allowed at once) and they leave no footprint (no flags, food, or any waste).

Petermann island is visited mainly for the scenery and large bird colonies (two penguin kinds, blue-eyed shags etc.). Not seals. Seals in large numbers are more easily observed on the beaches in the sub-antarctic islands. That is why I was thrilled by this spontaneous encounter with the baby seal on a not-so-large piece of rock. I did not film the end of this encounter but was told both seal and its observers were sad to part ways and head each to their more permanent abode: seal back in the water and people back onto the mother ship.

Canon HF100 with a wide-angle Raynox 6600 lens attached was used to film the seal.

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Recommended 9 years later. The Internet knows what I need, when I need it.

Author — DAC80


Aww he seemed so hungry, you should’ve just let him eat you.

Author — Hapz.


5:33 he's like "OH MY GOD, HUMANS!!"

Author — heike



Water sausage: “hello there”

Author — Charles Bronson


She just wants to know if you got any games on your phones

Author — Juuk


A partially open mouth in seals and whales is actually a sign of compassion.

Author — haha _ spark


Depression: *exists*
Thicc seal pup: “im about to end this mans whole career”

Author — Alan Seballes


this kind of stuff trips me out sometimes. it makes me think about when a human diver just swims up to a group of sperm whales randomly and they're all clicking at each other and I feel like this is that exact same scene.
"ah wow, look at his eyes!" "he's just curious" "it's alright" "let's see what he does" "be quiet, I hear that if you yell, it can hurt them" "alright, come on" "hey, little buddy" "what do you think you're doing, mister?"

Author — Michelle


When you realize Elephant Seal lifespan is 9 years :(

Author — Dayzik


The self-control of those people is admirable.

Author — Joonha Shcal


Quarantine: exists
YouTube recommendations: "Fat baby seal"
People: I N T E R E S T I N G 👁️👄👁️

Author — Addie Marana


5:24 "Hey guys, look I'm scary!"

Author — um hi


"Yeah, I'm gonna have to sniff this too."

Author — Arc125


Lmao he's just sitting there with his mouth wide open like i'm hungry, feed me!....Why is no one tossing food in my mouth? The last group tossed food in my mouth!"

Author — C F Y O W


I really wouldn't be able to resist cudling that big boy.

Look at him, he's adorable :D

Author — SomeAustrianGuy


Everyone: what’s going on inside his head
Seal: CaN I HavE SoMe TAcOs

Author — Jaxonplayz YT


"Hello my fellow humans, I too, am a human"

Author — Connor B


Wildlife experts: "you should not approach elephant seals."
Elephant seal: "Fine, I guess I have to do it myself."

Author — Raylo


everyone: look at dat cute thingy

osama: why do i hear boss music?

Author — KRYSS


*me on trial for petting the wild animals*

“your honor, in my defense... just look at him☺️”

Author — mystic wolf