Curious Baby Elephant Seal

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Curious Baby Elephant Seal 5
A baby elephant seal curious, brave, and too comfortable with and among people it turns out. Petermann island, Antarctica. Below is a longer description in response to viewers' comments.

Antarctica is remote wilderness (yes, even the Peninsula that gets the lion's share of small but increasing tourist numbers). There is no baiting, feeding, tracking or approaching the animals to facilitate interaction with tourists. All close interaction happens by chance and is initiated by the animal itself. The number of people landing at each site is closely monitored (no more than 100 allowed at once) and they leave no footprint (no flags, food, or any waste).

Petermann island is visited mainly for the scenery and large bird colonies (two penguin kinds, blue-eyed shags etc.). Not seals. Seals in large numbers are more easily observed on the beaches in the sub-antarctic islands. That is why I was thrilled by this spontaneous encounter with the baby seal on a not-so-large piece of rock. I did not film the end of this encounter but was told both seal and its observers were sad to part ways and head each to their more permanent abode: seal back in the water and people back onto the mother ship.

Canon HF100 with a wide-angle Raynox 6600 lens attached was used to film the seal.

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how do u not pet the living shit outta him hes adorable.

Author — Holyflygon


sees video is 9 years old
The lifespan of the elephant seal is 9 years
: (

Author — Cash Nixon


Never thought I could feel this way for a bald guy

Author — Oscar Chuquillanqui



When you tell a joke but nobody laughs.

Author — Mason Yates


Could u imagine moving around like that everywhere on land omfg

Author — Professor Snippety-snaps


He looks so confused like WhAtT are ThEse StRanGe MuLtiColoRed SeaLs?!??

Author — Kiera Clarke


6:45 That seal was like “Damn your bag smells

Author — The Monolith


Dude, screw the law. If something that cuddly and that adorable comes and cuddles on me I will pet and snuggle its brains out

Author — Mr. Handel-Bar


Besides his mother....thats the only semi soft surface he's ever felt.

Author — Scott Heslin


When she got close enough to give a size perspective, she was huge.

Author — Fran Ra


He protec

He attac

But most importantly

He lay on you're bacpac

Author — BloxTDM


It’s so unfair that the best thing for animals is not letting us pet, feed, and love them.

Author — ProfCoolio


3:01 me finally deciding to come out of my room after a 3 day hiatus.

Author — Oh Boy


It's like watching an obese man crawl to his fridge

Author — EbenEzer Alabanzas I.E.P


Damn boy

Damn boy!


Author — Good Name


He's enjoying laying on the soft packs. I bet if those packs stayed behind, he'd be lounging on them all the time, lol.

Author — pinkfreud62


Well someone has definitely been feeding him & he was expecting you to also FEED HIM

Author — Joe Silkwood


1:38 gets scared of the piece of ice behind him😅

Author — benjashawn


He prottec
He attacc

But most importandly...

He sneeze

Author — Quizels 06


When is was a child, my father and I used to go swimming on the edge of a little beach. Usually, we were alone with 2 o 3 fishermans. And one year, a seal got used to rest on this same beach. So, many times, when we were swimming, the seal came to see us in the water, and swam with us. Playing around, touching us with his nose, and even tryed to "kiss" my father! In fact he was apparently really intrested by my father's beard :D

Look a seal in the eyes when diving, and playing with him in total nature, is one of the best memories of my childhood!

Author — Nolwenn LaPomme