Nascar's Greatest Airborne Crashes

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Reuploaded video. Original upload date was 2017

All credits go to: ESPN, Fox Sports, TNT, and NBC

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every nascar gangsta till its going backwards at 150mph

Author — Tom Seath


Okay but like.. Brendan Gaughan's flip was the most majestic thing I've ever seen

Author — iiAqua


Ryan Newman has to be the unluckiest luckiest driver out there. He has been in multiple of these incidents over the years where he has gone airborne or flipped, and he has walked away from every single one and is still racing. Or I hope to see him out there again after his incident in Daytona. Good to hear he’s doing ok

Author — Travis Pavich


2:47 This looks familiar

8:10 looks like he just hit a land mine

Author — Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs


My grandfather was at a nascar race and caught a part that flew into the crowd after a crash.

Author — possible psychopath


2:43 The closest you'll get to the king crash

Author — Niiphox


8:36 Its a miracle McDowell survived that crash.

Author — Shawn Caldwell


7:12 if u watched cars u know it hits hard

Author — Zygh


4:57 *most INSANE car flight I've ever seen!*

Author — The Eagle


1:57 I don't think the roof flaps could do anything about that.... The car just happened to angle down and hit the ground

Author — DMR


4:49 The car comes to rest upside down on it's ruff.

Author — T Brake


Damn I remember watching most of these crashes on television and this stuff literally was my childhood and I just tear up because this stuff was my primary form of entertainment and it was so much so I could name the entire 2010 roster of drivers. That Carl Edward's crash will remain as one of the most memorable crashes to me.

Author — Haha Cool


You need to find some footage of the early '60s crashes from places like Daytona when they were just learning how to run those speeds. Or Darlington in the '50s & '60s when cars went clear out of the "ball park" -- like the car that cleared the turn one guard rail and took out the flimsy press room built on stilts on the the other side which gracefully collapsed. I watched in awe at Riverside in '65 when Ford-driving AJ Foyt, at the end of the one mile straight, discovered he had no brakes as the tight, sweeping right-hand final turn approached while flat-out. He turned into the infield, which meant going over an embankment, and proceeded to violently crash end over end. It was amazing he wasn't killed. He was badly busted up with many injuries, but recovered enough to drive the Indy 500 four months later.

Author — Joe Stephan


I just love how they showed racing at Talladega and then you just see smoke on the backstretch and Ryan Newman’s wing is the only thing that you can see popping out of there.

Author — LyleChatt


McDowell's 2008 headon crash at Texas is still on everyone's hearts even in 2021.

Author — Purwanti Allan


You can’t appreciate how fast they’re all going until you see how long it takes them to stop

Author — Patrick Thornton


2:45 “I am not coming behind you again old man”

Author — Ryan 11


3:17 just seeing the number 3 car and the name and legend him self Dale earndhart Sr really dose give me goosebumps

Author — Clover


6:07 My guy wasn’t doing to bad, he was just sliding until he hit the grass

Author — TheBigFellaCole


Love that the Lofton one is in here, that's an underrated crash

Author — Adam Cheek