Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots

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Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots 5

Don't their lives matter too? #FoxNews #Tucker

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Wrong word, "forgotten"; the correct term is "ignored".

Author — Rooster


Apparently this black life, doesn’t “matter.”

Author — Peanut Buzzard


Black man kills another black man because police killed a black men.

Author — Unnamed Tributary


How many politicians and celebrities are going to attend Mr Dorn’s funeral? Hypocrites..

Author — Glenn Chapman


Black lives matter is a joke and I’m black and I’m not afraid to say that it is all one track minded people.These people create division and help prolong hate and racism witch suit some people just fine. But people like myself feel that people must think I’m as stupid as them, just remember my brothers and sisters of all colours this is not what all black people think. god bless everyone because we are all equals in western countries it’s just that some groups think they are owned something even tho they done nothing for it. Don’t get me wrong there are bad people in this world but they all aren’t racist there just evil.

Author — Bobby Danish


When I ask BLM supporters about David Dorn they tell me it’s not a race issue... so it should be “all lives matter” then? Makes no sense

Author — ShockTrooper ➊



Author — Erik Neumann


RIP to everyone who lost their lives to the rioters

Author — Cameron-Exo


He doesn't fit the narrative, therefore his black life doesn't matter to CNN, MSNBC.

Author — Casper Ghost


I really like what Fox News is doing, bringing real news and not fake news

Author — Ravi Jainarine


His name was David Dorn, his name was David Dorn! His name was David Dorn!!

Author — Barthaneous


"peacful protesters" and at the same time dead people, burning buildings and looted stores
something is very wrong with those media outlets

Author — Dopa Hkiin


Its clear: we must share this video as possible to honor this officer

Author — alejandro barahona


Because apparently black cop lifes don’t matter ! We protest for a criminal but not for a hero go figure 🤔

Author — Tu Macho


I feel less safe in this country that I love than I did before the protests. ALL LIVES MATTER. ALL, not one race or another, ALL

Author — chris goebel


People are sheep and cant own up to how disgusting they are.

Author — slumlord racing


SAY their NAMES ... no because they doesn't fit your cause or agenda.

Author — noreen tierney


They want you to think the rioters are justified and harmless and President Trump is the only bad man.

Author — John Ross


*This is who Americans mourn. A man who spent his life in service to others and died the same way. This is an American Hero!*

Author — AncientLink IsGay


The left cares more about a 75 year old white man getting shoved than these murders, yet they call us racist.

Author — Dennis