Outages affect Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services are back in operation following a six-hour-long outage that cost the tech giants billions of dollars as billions around the globe scramble to communicate in different ways.
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6 hours of "Peace" finally gone.

Author — Arfan Akram


Those are social network site the farmers protesting in India use to post their greivances.the past few days the son of a union minister of state has been filmed running his Fortuner over a group of farmers showing his cavalcade black flags four farmers were killed including one farmer who was allegedly shot dead by the ministers son. The Video in which the guy can be clearly seen was posted yesterday.

Author — Zeenath Baig


I'm sure there was something behind it. They took this opportunity to implement their evil plan on these 3 social media.

Author — TBT


In 2018 appointed French catholic church sexual scandals report is awaiting today, medias must share this.

Author — Abdul Khaliq


I hope people came out of their trance. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat should be shut down for good. I think I'd see more of my friends in person.

Author — Prism 26


finally stupidity comes to an end Alhamdulillah.. left social media long ago...

Author — Actual Muslim2


Well how this happened, whatever it was it should happen frequently for more longer periods 😂😂😂

Author — Sameer Khan


Too much pr0n in there. It's what causes the outage. Took them 6 hours to clean it proper.

Author — Kath Ev


Subhan’Allah nothing is permanent except the hereafter May Allah grant us jannah Allahumma Aameen
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved prophet his companions and entire household✨✨✨

Author — The Servant of Allah