Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year | BBC Sport Relief 2010

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Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year | BBC Sport Relief 2010 5

A new sketch featuring Smithy at the awards event of the sporting year.

Smithy meets up with diver Tom Daley, tennis ace Andy Murray and football legend David Beckham.

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Dear Americans this is the real James Corden

Автор — Ollie Brooks


He was meant to be joking, but he was absolutely right about them all.

Автор — satchfan2010


Back when Cordon was funny and didn't piss off to the US .. Bring back Smithy !

Автор — Jaaay J


The supreme confidence to pull that off from start to finish is mind-boggling! An amazing performance....excuse the pun.

Автор — Ray Turner


And then after that we had our most successful olympics, Andy Murray won wimbledon (eventually) and Lewis Hamilton is winning everything.

Well played Smithy, well played.

Автор — Jonny Stinkfingers


Would anyone outside the UK really get this? Absolutely fantastic! The best of British ....

Автор — HugelyRound


'Can we win the World Cup? Yes we can.' That went well...

Автор — Louis Smith


Greatest speech ever. Smithy for England!

Автор — medialync


This is the real James Corden, what have you Americans done to him?

Автор — Mike Lizewski


He did that in one take before the awards show started, there was no time to re-shoot if he messed up.
Love how he did it as Smithy from Gavin & Stacy

Автор — Craig Brainimpact


Its ironic how much truth he came out with!

Автор — SuperBlueboy61


After being a massive fan of league of their own for years and then coming back to this the freddie bit is even funnier

Автор — Dicky Anders


Best bit is right at the end when Gary Linekar is crying and Sue Barker does the "have a word" bit 😂

Автор — karen wilson


This guy is just makes it look so easy. So talented.!!!

Автор — Paul Newman


After saying all that, it must've felt awkward when he accepted an OBE for essentially being himself.

Автор — TRASHoftheTITANS


"Great to see you tonight, Paula. Are you being looked after? Do you know where the toilets are?"


Автор — Ben S


Some say Obama stole his catchphrase from Smithy.

Автор — Alex Horkan


If you take away the satire of smithy a lot of the things he said were very true issues in sport

Автор — Will Rowan


The Paula Radcliffe part literally makes me want to pee myself with laughter... OH.

Автор — Shrektacular


Well done Smithy to have pulled that off, my heart is still racing :)

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