Best 13 Biden Gaffes Of All Time (Part 2) |

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Best 13 Biden Gaffes Of All Time (Part 2) | 5

Biden's a "Gaffe Machine", Here's More Proof:

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1. 2020 Campaign Speech Hill TV + Rising
2. 2019 MSNBC Democratic Debate + The Sun
3. 2019 Asian & Latino Coalition Town Hall + CNN
4. 2020 New Hampshire Town Hall + The Sun
5. 2019 Iowa Town Hall + The Sun + Rising
6. 2010 AP White House News Conference
7. 2019 ABC Democratic Debate + Fox News
8. 2017 WITN 22 + Rising + Comedy Central
9. 1995 CSPAN2 Live
10. 2012 Obama / Biden Speech
11. 2019 Iowa Campaign Speech + CSPAN
12. 2018 Biden Speech
13. 2019 CNN Democratic Debate

Leo is a comedian, writer, political pundit, gadfly, master debater, thought leader, pretentious a**hole, and former evangelical Jew for Jesus. He's also a screenwriter who performs stand-up, participates in debates, and is both a DJ and karaoke enthusiast.​​ He has worked in politics, law, business, and education; all before realizing that he was meant to be yet another cynical Jew in comedy.​
His background is in political science and philosophy. He has worked in 8+ political offices/campaigns, and was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2016 DNC Convention. He was also a high school English and Debate teacher --- first in Washington, D.C. via Teach for America (TFA), and then in Beijing, China.

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His family needs to decorate the basement like the oval office and call him Mr President. He'll be happy there

Author — J T


The debates with Trump are gonna be epic.

Author — Mission Failed


This man has been in politics for years and has done absolutely nothing for the working class or minorities. Not ONE thing

Author — Mom Of 4 Kids


"Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids".

Author — Les Ganton


even though he has Alzheimer's today, he's been a moron for decades.

Author — frank stark


and people think trump is racist biden is the real racist here

Author — mich r central


Remember When hillary had a 98.4% chance to win on election day? Keep believing in your polls.

Author — Og maco Sheesh


Joe Biden: I remember fighting the Coronavirus back in Nam, the Germans hit us with a double latte and Mary had a little lamb!

Author — Hybrid Alien


"Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is." - Biden (from the same speech as "We choose Truth over Facts" ) 🤣

Author — John Mathews


And Democrats want black people to vote for him. LMFAO

Author — Case 3015


Creepy Joe Biden is a joke.
Biden couldn't become president of the Mickey mouse club.

Author — Charles Martino


Joe: I love it when kids jump on my lap and touch the you know the thing

Author — Logan Simpson


“YOU KNOW THE THING” 🧐 my dad has dementia and this is so sad. God rest his son’s (Beau) soul. I voted for Obama, TWICE. I’m sorry Joe. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

Author — Rebecca Foster


Every time Biden speaks, a new meme is What a joke.

Author — NightTrain


Oh yes, my favorite economic class: White.

Author — alexj116


Joe: “I’m Joe Biden and...where am I?”
Biden Rep: “You’re in Iowa, Joe.”
Joe: “It’s great to be here in New Hampshire!”

Author — It’s a freaking joke Calm down


I'm Joe Biden and I'm running for the Queen of England

Author — Anthony Maurice


This should be the President’s main campaign ad.

Author — Kelly Coleman


Obama : "Joe, I'm nominating you."

Biden : "For what?"

Author — Gator Hogg


If trump said all that the media would be all over him like a cheap suit

Author — Sexy Mac