I Survived 300 Days on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest

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I was thinking the other day...
"Is it actually possible to beat Minecraft Bedrock Edition on a Flat World with only using the Bonus Chest with some slight modifications to it?"

This my dudes, is just that!

I have recorded all of my time in this world, as you probz know that Minecraft can be very random at times so I didn't want to miss a thing!

I have chopped up all the footage to share my experience with you & I also came up with some great strategies & farm ideas along the way too which may help you if you decide to follow along.

I've updated the packs below to what I now have on my flat world, just simply add or replace your older one & away to go.
Here are the UPDATED Download links below;

This is part 3 of this silly adventure with surviving on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I mainly focused on upgrading a few of my farms, my gear & of course making NEW farms that I have access to now!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video, I've never really ever created a huge project/video like this one before.

Thanks very much for watching & I'm sorry it's quite a long video...

Forgive me...
But so much happens in 100 Minecraft days!

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I’ve officially watched three hours s t r a I g h t of a man i found ON MY RECOMMENDED PAGE rant about trapdoors, farms, golden apples, MORE FARMMS, and villager slavery

Author — Neko-Nexus Animation


Just the fact that he made episodes 2 and 3 within like a week of each other shows how good of a content creator he is.

Author — BIG BRO BRO


Iron farm: *has to move up*
Cactus farm: *has to move up*
Pumpkin farm: *has to move up*
I see a pattern here

Author — Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil


Mans out there breaking a melon with silk Touch and wondering why the melon slices didn’t drop



"Dan said i was birch!" this sign killed me😭😭😂

Author — Miss Moustillone AJ Animates OwO


Literally stumbled across you yesterday and your the only youtuber I would watch a whole 1 hour video without skipping anything.

Author — Jason Gaming - JG


dan: I need more iron. I feel like the farm isn't making enough
also dan: throwing away five iron helmets he just spent all his emeralds on

Author — Myka Christopher


I half expect him to start calling mobs "googlies" at any moment

Author — certified idiot


I love that his trash can is literally just a 1 by 1 hole with a trapdoor

Author — Chase S.


The pillager raising hand thing are the pillagers thinking that they won. That's because the village was "destroyed"

Author — Domz Mi Monz


Did ya'll notice that all the episodes in this series is 58 minutes each?

Author — ジItzAngelSaulo


Most youtubers do “off camera mining” and get Lots of diamonds, this man goes and digs tunnels of dirt in a superflat world 💀💀

Author — Taylor Smith


Was anyone else ticked off when he bought 5 iron helmets around 13:45 and didn't swap a brand new helmet for his half durability one?

Author — Ayden Hilker


This was a great idea, keep it up dan <3

Author — f


My man just evolved from the stone age to the industrial age

Author — ivan6420


he's like a mini Mumbo Jumbo but like back in his old days. I love it. It's humble beginnings and I honestly prefer this

Author — N0ODLES


The fact that he's actually showing us how he's building his stuff says something.

This guy is a good content creator- sounds like Stampy- but he's good.

Also the fact that this dude has been ranting about trapdoors, farms, golden apples, villagers, and of course MORE for 300 days now is great.

Author — ImagiNation


This man is a legend... He broke that obsidian with iron pick 20:05

Author — Bl4ckMax


No one:

Me trying to do what he’s doing and dies the first night from a zombie: AHHH!



People 1 year ago wouldve sent you to a mental hospital for saying gold is valuable 😂

Author — I’m not hugged enough