I Survived 300 Days on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest

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I was thinking the other day...
"Is it actually possible to beat Minecraft Bedrock Edition on a Flat World with only using the Bonus Chest with some slight modifications to it?"

This my dudes, is just that!

I have recorded all of my time in this world, as you probz know that Minecraft can be very random at times so I didn't want to miss a thing!

I have chopped up all the footage to share my experience with you & I also came up with some great strategies & farm ideas along the way too which may help you if you decide to follow along.

I've updated the packs below to what I now have on my flat world, just simply add or replace your older one & away to go.
Here are the UPDATED Download links below;

This is part 3 of this silly adventure with surviving on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I mainly focused on upgrading a few of my farms, my gear & of course making NEW farms that I have access to now!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video, I've never really ever created a huge project/video like this one before.

Thanks very much for watching & I'm sorry it's quite a long video...

Forgive me...
But so much happens in 100 Minecraft days!

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I’ve officially watched three hours s t r a I g h t of a man i found ON MY RECOMMENDED PAGE rant about trapdoors, farms, golden apples, MORE FARMMS, and villager slavery

Author — ꧁Nexus Animates꧂


Most youtubers do “off camera mining” and get Lots of diamonds, this man goes and digs tunnels of dirt in a superflat world 💀💀

Author — Taylor Smith


I had similar experiences with the pumpkin trader. They need sleep, work, freetime and food. So give him bread or carrots to reset his trades.

Author — Olaf Schermann


Literally stumbled across you yesterday and your the only youtuber I would watch a whole 1 hour video without skipping anything.

Author — J Something Lel


dan: I need more iron. I feel like the farm isn't making enough
also dan: throwing away five iron helmets he just spent all his emeralds on

Author — M. Christopher


I half expect him to start calling mobs "googlies" at any moment

Author — certified idiot


I love that his trash can is literally just a 1 by 1 hole with a trapdoor

Author — Chase S.


The fact that he's actually showing us how he's building his stuff says something.

This guy is a good content creator- sounds like Stampy- but he's good.

Also the fact that this dude has been ranting about trapdoors, farms, golden apples, villagers, and of course MORE for 300 days now is great.

Author — Parting Ways


Mans out there breaking a melon with silk Touch and wondering why the melon slices didn’t drop



My man just evolved from the stone age to the industrial age

Author — ivan6420


This was a great idea, keep it up dan <3

Author — f


Hey Dan you’ll probably never see this but trapdoors are even more useful than you’ve made them out to be. When they are vertically sticking out of the ground, mobs can’t jump over them even though you can. It’s really helpful for mob farms, especially when you pair it with the fact that they count them as full blocks even if they’re open.

Author — Marshmallow


Was anyone else ticked off when he bought 5 iron helmets around 13:45 and didn't swap a brand new helmet for his half durability one?

Author — Ayden Hilker


The reason you couldn’t trade with the villager is because he ran out of that stuff to trade and you need to wait until he restocks it (if that made any sense) 😅

Author — Infamous Angel


The pillager raising hand thing are the pillagers thinking that they won. That's because the village was "destroyed"

Author — Domzymonz


Can we appreciate that Dan is spending hours & hours of his time just to make amazing content for us

Author — DOUBLE2M Vlogs


This man is a legend... He broke that obsidian with iron pick 20:05

Author — MaxK1911


People 1 year ago wouldve sent you to a mental hospital for saying gold is valuable 😂

Author — I didn't think I'd make it this far


This should get more views honestly. In my opinion this is a great series because its one of those videos where u start from scratch and work ur way up. I like how committed he is and how much he builds. Also a good part is a commentary and how he cuts In and out good scenes. KEEP IT UP, DUDE.

Author — ohyeakrabsgamer


It’s so cool that he makes literally all of his farms from his head

Author — Kazr