Russia: Putin casts vote in Moscow city council elections

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Russian President Vladimir Putin cast his ballot in Moscow city council elections on Sunday.

Vladimir Putin said that the “quality” of candidates is more important than their “quantity” and expressed hope that all the candidates are “well-deserved".

Three thousand six hundred and two polling stations, 162 of which are located in hospitals and pretrial detention facilities, opened at 08:00 local time (05:00 GMT) and continue welcoming voters until 20:00 (17:00 GMT).

Two hundred twenty-five candidates participate in the elections.

Experimental electronic voting will take place at three ballot stations for the first time in Russia.

According to the Moscow City Election Committee, 7,308,469 muscovites are registered and eligible to participate in city council voting.

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Putin is a legend for Russia. A good strong leader, 😎👍.

Author — car news disposal


even if putin was the only one to vote for united russia, it would still win 😂

Author — motaat7


They should use EVM machine for voting.

Author — Cpt. Knight


I got to the feeling Putin is going to win.

However dont hold me to it.

Author — Roy Blekman


Why does he even bother pretending any more? Bellend.

Author — Dave Foulsham


В СССР мама водила в цырк посмотреть лилипутов клоунов раз в год, а теперь на любом Российском канале в любое время суток.

Author — Ріф Фрі


Putin is a great leader, lots of respect and love from India ❤️❤️

Author — Niladri ghosh


You know what I love about countries like this is they put up the pretense of democracy it's just funny to watch

Author — Alpha Prime


camera shutter sounds like a machine gun fire

Author — Aakash Sharma


Russia history has shown only a strong leader can lead
Not a weak democracy

Author — Matt roules


Dictators like to vote. For themselves...

Author — Friend of Tellus


Putin's way winning without opposition True United russia.

Author — hetrix


putin showing his ID haha what a sight

Author — Alex Zi


Silent camera shutters are the need of the hour!

Author — J. JOSEPH


May God bless president Putin and Russia. I am Polish American from Washington DC.

Author — Alex Bajan


My problem Russian language understand sorry

Author — chandrusekar 95


Hmm... I bet the entire World Economy! That Mr. Putin will win. Is there anyone out there to challenge me? Yay!

Author — Rajarshi Sarkar


Now that Putin has killed or jailed any true opposition, you sheeply are allowed to vote freely & faily for any of Putin's choices.

Author — RuSomeKindaIdiot


America could not even hold a free and fair

Author — Christopher Robin Garrish