MiBoxer C4 Smart Charger Review!

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Here is a very nice charger with top notch build quality from MiBoxer with their C4 smart charger. Lots of features including ohms resistance testing, adjustable mAh charging, and charging status of each cell separately. This has a nice size display that is clear and bright. This charger is easy to use as well. You can use the link below with my discount code to save 20% from their Amazon store:

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I've had this one for about a year now. It's worked great in that time. Thanks for the review, I learned a few things.

The figure of 300+ ohms = discard, is that for all types of cells?

Author — 96wx3


Got mine today and went back to your review so I could remember the extra information you provide us.

Thank You for the Discount code.

Author — James Shaffer


This is a pretty good one. I m using litokalla and happy with that for the price it's offering.

Author — Satya Narayan


It's very thoughtful of Miboxer to include adapter for 2 X AAA batteries but no consideration for people who may wish to charge 4 x AAA at same time ?
How much more does an extra 2 X AAA adapter cost ?

Author — Ze Chan


Very nice brother! I’ve never heard of this brand but now they’re on my radar!

Author — Desert Lumens


I ordered this charger today based on your review. Thank you very much.

Author — Dan B


the LCD screen on the right size has light leak。

Author — Johnson Gu


The slower the mAH you charge with the better the charge you get right?
Like it takes longer to charge but that battery will last longer correct?

Author — Breakneck


Hello alone.
Nice video and a nice charger.👍

Author — Edwin Snoek


I just got one of these. My re-chargeable batteries are quite old. The charger has read them and charged 4 at 100 mA. 1.27 volt batteries ? They charged fine to 100%.. Is it ok to just let it sort out itself in terms of mA ? I need more rechargeables and was thinking of buying Eneloop ? I use batteries for Bluetooth on my Mac and cameras..Thanks for any help you can give me. Your review was great..

Author — laburgy


how can apply discount code? i am try but....

Author — Mathew C Varughese