Guitar Head to Head - GOC vs Strandberg

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

Someone requested and there you have it! In this video, I showcase the Boden Classic from Strandberg guitars and the latest model from GOC, the Ren.

Tones I'm using are all from Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson, and Fortin Nameless Suite.


Tone demo starts at 2:40

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Thumbs up from me! Hoping someone will also make a video where they use a tube amp with the Ren.

Author — Boyan Hristov


The Strandberg does sound better but that's to be expected for a guitar double the price of the GOC.

Throw some good pickups in the GOC and it's a different story.

Author — Ezpzlmnsqez


Nice video dude! Definitely some good info here ✌️

Author — Jack Taylor Guitars


The endurneck is what got me to purchase a Strandberg 😍

Author — Andre Cheong (AvocadoJudo)


Very good performance and fantastic 👍👍👍👍

Author — Faizal Danny


I don't know what it is about the GOC tones I really want it to like them but they just sound weird to my ears IDK if anyone else feel the same.

Author — Allesys


I've sent back 3 brand new Strandbergs for poor QC. My GOC Vajra is almost flawless. Just ordered a Satya 7 to go with it.

Author — David Faustino


GOC artist here.

I currently own the Strandberg Boden Classic, and have owned, as well as played extensively the REN for quite a long time.

I won’t hide the fact that the Strandberg is better. However, it’s almost 2.5 time the price compared to the GOC, but is it 2.5 times better? I don’t think so.

Fret finish is identical, if the Ren not being better. I think the biggest thing here for me is that the Ren body isn’t long enough, if it makes sense. I wish that the horns are a bit sharper and longer so that it countours to my body better.

Author — Neil Djents


What's the song you start at 3:49? I've heard it but can't think where!

Author — Craig Griffiths