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As you all probably know, I love Daenerys Targaryen and I feel so sad over her death and what they have done to her.

In my opinion, she would have never burned these innocent people.
I also don't know what's the sweet part in this "bittersweet" ending.
In my opinion Drogon flew her to Mereen so she could get resurrected by a red priestress.

What do you think of the finale?

Character: Daenerys Targaryen
Coloring: mine
Song: The way by Zack Hemsey

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Dany will ALWAYS be our queen, no matter what happened :)

Author — Lilac Edits


*Drogon took Dany to find a better writer*

Author — ༄ kurt シ


She went from an innocent, pure princess to a powerful queen

Author — yves


they really killed their most iconic character and left the boring, irrelevant, useless and annoying ones alive

Author — blue_mint


One of the strongest characters to ever exist in fictional history. Then they destroy her and call it 'a bittersweet ending'.

Author — Leeh King


Daenerys was humiliated all her childhood by brother. It's important to remember because character based on it. She was trying to help weak people, cause she had been weak. She is a protector of innocent people. She imprisoned her dragons in a cave cause one child was killed. Do you think really this person would burn innocent people?

Author — Pasha Kislov


Her character went through too much sadness.. she's an amazing actress

Author — Whitney Hendrix


I don't understand why people say Dany is crazy ... They took her -
- parents
- baby
- 2 dragons
- Her friend
- her army
- Home
And when she finally gets revenge ... They'll kill her for it
I miss my queen ... R. I. P. Khaleesi🔥❤️ I'm crying 😞

Author — Daria MüIIeг0vá


Emilia Clarke was perfect for this iconic Character ....i cant imagine no one instead of her

Author — Thomas Linqvist


“She’s not our queen because she’s the daughter of some king we never knew. She’s the queen we chose.” -

Author — steve c


Fire cannot kill a dragon, but love can.

Author — Super J


Jon Snow is literally the worst thing that ever happened to Dany. She should have stayed far away from him. #stillmyqueen. Burn all the haters #dracarys

Author — Victor Chen


Everything was pointless for me after her death.

Author — Karen De smarto


*_She is not a princess or a queen. She is a warrior._*

Author — aleyna


I cried when I understood Drogon was alone in the world. No mother, no brothers. Drogon took Dany to Essos to be resurrected by Kinvara, he wanted to save her as she had done for him before.

Dany wasn’t mad, she has never been mad. She was just hurt. I’m so sad to see what they did to her. She was good, she still good in my heart. I will remember when she was fighting for the innocent.

Author — Persé Phone


She's the kind of leader I would have fought for. Even before she got her dragons she was beautiful and resilient and not once did she sit and wallow in being a victim or feel sorry for herself *she did something and never gave up* She took an arranged marriage and found love in it. She stood up to her brother. She brought back dragons then sacrificed two in the line of fire trying to help people (also something that pisses me off because that whole getting a wight to show Cercei killing a dragon in the process was fucking pointless since that's the only and last time she would have to deal with them). She worked hard for people's love and devotion and they fought for her not for gold but because they saw not only great inner strength but great compassion. She locked away beloved dragons crying as she did it because she didn't want them to stray and hurt people after Drogon burned a little girl. *She absolutely DID NOT deserve the shit ending she got and it really makes me angry still*

Author — Shaunna Richards


She didn’t deserve her end. They can’t give us this amazing hero and then make her the villain in one snap moment 🤦‍♀️ also a part of me pretends Drogon breathed fire in her and her wounds magically healed

Author — WaitingConfused


I love that everyone still defends Dany and stands by her despite that horrid finale. I'm proud of this comment section. Our queen, now and always ❤️



Dany was betrayed by everyone except Jorah, Gray Worm and Drogon. All her friends died. But she was NOT MAD! And she didn't deserve that stupid ending.
P.S. Hate Jon from 1st season.

Author — Kitty


She was the most interesting and dynamic character in the whole series, and for me one of the most exciting character to follow from a series in a very long time.

Author — holamoco17