The Best 2D Sonic Engine?

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This video shows off Sonic of The Ring, a 2D Sonic Fan Game by SFG _ GI030.
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💬 Comments

I see some heavy Unleashed inspirations there

Author — Vadim65RUS


As good as this is I still think that sonic vs darkness by Nfault1st is the best 2D sonic fan game to date

Author — miki mario


Hands Down this is *THE BEST* 2D sonic engine I've seen.
It looks soo clean especially at 1080p 60fps.
Plus original spritework 👍🏻

Author — REAL Hayabusa


Nah, "Sonic vs Darkness - True Nightmare Revived" is the best

Author — Demigod Studios


Dayum, the right song can make any level look good

Author — iScream


I really love this engine, but I’d have to say the engine for the sonic vs darkness fangame is my favorite

Author — JStone Gaming


Use the fighting animations from this with the roll/spin moves and Sonic would feel more complete in Smash as a more well-rounded fighter.

Author — Daric Wolfe


I love the combination of the 2D engine and infused with the sonic force mechanic

Author — Vicko Faizzulla


Looks really nice. Would be so awesome if a nostalgia sonic game would come out with the newest effects light speeddash boost and that stuff

Author — brayon remy


Holy crap, this music is beautiful...
The game itself looks and feels so much different from a Sonic game because of that (at least for me, tho).

Author — CringeLord


Seeing Sonic fighting with out the Werehog is a strange feeling. Makes you wonder what plot point Sonic has for just going Brawl mode on the robots instead of blasting through everything.

Author — LightningStar13


Sonic's combat moves are cool and badass, wow!👍

Author — Bluewarrior 2000


a 2D 3D Sonic? surprisingly, it works really well. Would've loved to play a Flash game like this when I was a kid ⭐

Author — Zain Mushtaq


There is some little adjustment to do like the direction of the boost while sonic is in the air, and that would be perfect

Author — AoOzne


I cant really tell how good the engine is, i assume it to be quirt capeable though, however the moveset i quiet dislike, a really static homing attacj wich... yeah, homing attack in 2d, then there's the boost? wich does look quiet nice, the spin wich is quiet an all right move allyhough the slide probably solves the same problems as the spink move and walking about that, remember whe soni could roll? This tries really hard to be sonic gens in 2d wich is argueably where its the weakest. the trick system works fine, but what about the sonic advance 2 trick system? it works really well when it would be used in the stages more deliberate. the situational light speed dash should just be applzable to all rings and to be honest wall jumps should always be useable.

Is what i said a bit too critical? I do think that it looks fine, i just really dislike the fact the engine cramms modern sonic in a 2d space, wich is... why everyone complained about the 2d parts in every modern sonic game. it doesnt work too well

Author — Nick Youshallnotknow


I noticed that Sonic had 2 modes. a combat mode, and a speed run mode. If the finished version of this game combines the modes properly while incorporating levels based on speed and combat, and fixes the boss fights, I would definitely pay for it.

Author — LM 3419


This is the most amazing thing I've seen with sonic sprites

Author — Yellow Jester


This game has lots of potential, I like that there is a gamemode where you go fast, and a gamemode where you platform and sometimes stop for close combat, it's awesome.

Author — Bluewarrior 2000


This is beautiful but i still love sonic dimensions

Author — Matteo Banchio


It's really nice that were getting modern sonic 2d it really brings back games like sonic rush

Author — demetrius thomas