Understanding Kashmir: History, Article 370 & Article 35a | Ep.100 The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

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Understanding Kashmir: History, Article 370 & Article 35a | Ep.100 The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee 4.5

Watch the second part of Understanding Kashmir by clicking the link below.

The Kashmir Issue - ever since independence, has been a sensitive and debatable topic for both India and Pakistan. Despite the emotions surrounding the topic - very few know about the history and struggle of Kashmir.

What is Article 370 and Article 35A?
Why have all parties failed to resolve Kashmir - even after India and Pakistan fighting several wars over it - despite the United Nations intervening - in spite of SEVEN DECADES having passed??

In Part 1 of Episode 100 - #TheDeshBhakt; we make an attempt to untangle and explain the Kashmir conflict.

WARNING _ by no means this is a complete history of the state / just an attempt to explain a knotty issue / keeping facts in mind and going easy on the emotions.

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Writer- Shreya Mishra

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I am a Kashmiri and I can't believe that people like you exist in India.Salute to you.

Author — AB Najar


Pakistan aur India me common kya?

Chutiya Public and lootere politician.

Author — IAM4701


OMG 😮 I can’t believe India mein aisy b log rehty hein jo bina kisi khof k Sach bolty hein ✌🏻

Author — Jagga Thugs


Waiting for your research report on police officer DEVENDER SINGH arrested in Kashmir...

Author — Meraj Uddin


I brusted in tears n my heart got broken on seeing smeone understands us, understands the Truth and is against Violence ...

So much love to u Sir
Frm Kashmir ...

Author — Sumaiya Ganie


14:34 Articla 371A- Nagaland & Tuensang. Thanks for touching that portion of the constitution👍

Author — Akong Kangz


kashmir without internet since august 2019

Author — Rayees


If Kashmir issue ends, what will politicians do?



"GD BAKSHI uncle", that is how you name a decorated army personnel in India. Respect for you sir . 🙏

Author — अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि


Watched your first video,

Just one thing to say

Author — Sandesh Thane


Well done good research on Kashmir topic..atleast someone like you doing their job with honesty

Author — sudha devi


I am a KASHMIRI boy
I am ready to die...
No one says why,
Why you want to die...
Salute to you Mr.Akash may GOD bless u...
Every person in kashmir is just like football for your govt and ur army...they playing us in order to complete their goal...don't go in books and fake media...just take a deep breath and think how we live....from 5th august there is no communication, i can't talk with my parents because there is not single facility to talk...they didn't know how their children are...we didn't know how our parents are...
This is called my KASHMIR....

Author — Shah Azhar


Tell my mom,
Not to cry,
I am Kashmiri born to die.

Author — This is Akram bhat


I am a Kashmiri, and i literally brusted in tears, listening to you gave me some hope that maybe there are more like you in India.Who understand us...

Author — Sheikh Saboohie Yousuf


Salute u bro...really i cant belive that people like u exist in india..i salute ur way of thinking about kashmiris...(ty)

Author — Nabeeha Raja


Just saw the first video from your channel. I subscribed.

Author — The Luifas


I wish my History teacher had explained the Kashmir issue with such clarity.

Author — Arun Ray


Wah !! All of a sudden the villain (Nehru) became hero and hero(Patel) became villain.
Besides that this man never talked about what Kashmir's want !!

Author — Biswajit lenka


Problem ye h akash ki udhar bias h to idhar bhi bias h.

Wo kashmiri logon ka dard nhi samjhenge, tum kashmiri pandito ka dard nhi samjhoge.

Koi unbiased banda/di chaiye

Author — Rohan Srivastava


I'm from Pakistan.... Very well video.... I'm sharing my experience as a foreigner in different countries.... We pakistani and Indian friends live together work together as a family.... Its all about dirty politics and modi

Author — Adam