Understanding Kashmir: History, Article 370 & Article 35a | Ep.100 The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

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Understanding Kashmir: History, Article 370 & Article 35a | Ep.100 The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee 4.5
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The Kashmir Issue - ever since independence, has been a sensitive and debatable topic for both India and Pakistan. Despite the emotions surrounding the topic - very few know about the history and struggle of Kashmir.

What is Article 370 and Article 35A?
Why have all parties failed to resolve Kashmir - even after India and Pakistan fighting several wars over it - despite the United Nations intervening - in spite of SEVEN DECADES having passed??

In Part 1 of Episode 100 - #TheDeshBhakt; we make an attempt to untangle and explain the Kashmir conflict.

WARNING _ by no means this is a complete history of the state / just an attempt to explain a knotty issue / keeping facts in mind and going easy on the emotions.

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Producer- Sarthak Goswami
Editor- Tushar Chaudhary
Writer- Shreya Mishra

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I am a Kashmiri and I can't believe that people like you exist in India.Salute to you.

Author — AB Najar


I brusted in tears n my heart got broken on seeing smeone understands us, understands the Truth and is against Violence ...

So much love to u Sir
Frm Kashmir ...

Author — Sumaiya Ganie


I am from Kashmir. The only person in the subcontinent who speaks in unbiased and truthful manner.

Author — IrFan Gazur


It's 3:50 AM now and I've completely lost it at 'kal potty bhi anti-national niklegi'😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Madhura Kulkarni


Hi Akash, I'm from Pakistan and currently working in digital journalism. Honestly I really liked how you covered several aspects and will keep my differences to myself. Anyways, there is just one thing I would like to clarify that Kashmir is one of our priorities, not the highest, despite what your media or our media is showing. And I'm talking about the general public. Most of our kids don't even know about the kashmir issue, and also the independent state of Kashmir is doing pretty well. We do not call it ours, neither do we try to control it or kill the kashmiris. We go their from time to time just to witness it's breathtaking beauty and that's all.

Author — Iman Aman


I m from kashmir
Everything you said is true
Eagerly waiting for part 2
Love from kashmir♥️

Author — mohd suhaib


In the age of Modi - voices like yours are rays of hope -that sanity might have been overpowered by hatred for now - but this won't last long !

Author — Wasif


And yet they removed the article... And now everything is disturbed in Kashmir...!!

Author — Khub4n


I Salute to you Mr. Akash for your courage and speaking truth.
Regards from Pakistan

Author — Faisal S


Great video brother but I can tell you everything is fine here in AZAD KASHMIR.. But people living near LOC are being targeted by the Indian Army (I'm from Kashmir, Pakistan)

Author — Malik Wajahat


Went to Kashmir as tourist for 3 consecutive years. Feel sad when I see that lot of development is awaited. Kashmiri People are so warm, respectful and nice. They deserve a better today and tomorrow. I love Kashmir and the people of Kashmir.

Author — Maneesha Rajpal


I am a KASHMIRI boy
I am ready to die...
No one says why,
Why you want to die...
Salute to you Mr.Akash may GOD bless u...
Every person in kashmir is just like football for your govt and ur army...they playing us in order to complete their goal...don't go in books and fake media...just take a deep breath and think how we live....from 5th august there is no communication, i can't talk with my parents because there is not single facility to talk...they didn't know how their children are...we didn't know how our parents are...
This is called my KASHMIR....

Author — Shah Azhar


thank GOD finally found a sensible man from India, I am from Pakistan, and yes Kashmir k issue p sab k pait pal rahe hen specially indian media r Indian politicians ki, well Pakistan ne attack kia tha its according to you, India walun ko bachpan se parhaya jata hai history, and same as it is Pakistan walun ko b bachpan se yehi parhaya jata hai k India ne attack kia bla bla bla, to India k peoples India ko hi support kregi chahe realiy against ho jo unhen parhaya gaya, isi trah Pakistan k peoples Pakistan ko hi support kregi chahe reality against ho jo parhaya jata hai, and ye video mai ne apni FB p b share krdi hai ta k reality pata chale dono countries k logon ko

Author — Awais Zaki


*Well explained but what about kashmir pandits who lose their home, land, who takes their responsibility??* 😏😏😏

Author — P Mishra


Ever thought why peace in Azad Kashmir and unrest in Indian occupied Kashmir? Just simply because Indian government has no concern for the feelings of Kashmiris.

Author — proud panther


If Kashmir issue ends, what will politicians do?



Blame us as you can, it's fine for us but please rise issue of Kashmir. Give them freedom. Thanks from Pakistan!

Author — HeartKid


Thanks bro this is the material i can show to my bhagat friends... thanks thanks

Author — navneet lath


कश्मीर नामा किताब पढ़िए । मार्क्सिस्ट और जिहादी इतिहासकार आपको सत्य नही बताएंगे ।

Author — shaurya Sahu


Your video always awesome my brother happy and successful life ALLAH bless you Ameen

Author — SSK Films