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The remaining metal construction of this helmet is still solid, nice original Waffen-SS ET Style decal.

Soldier from SS Totenkopf Infanterie Regiment 3


8. Kompanie / II. Bataillon / SS Totenkopf Infanterie Regiment 3
8. rota / 3. pěší pluk SS Totenkopf

The regiment was part of the Totenkopf Division (SS Division Totenkopf), created in October 1939 in Dachau from members of the concentration camp guards (SS Totenkopfverbände). The division was deployed to the fighting in France in May and June 1940, participated in the campaign against the USSR, where it was surrounded by Demjansko and in October 1942 withdrawn to France. Here the division was reorganized into the SS Panzergrenadierdivision Totenkopf and the regiment was renamed the SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 “Theodor Eicke”.

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Hey man amazing helmet, I'll make sure to check it out on your website

Author — Wyatt Mcwhorter


Hi, is the Helmet for sale?
Im interrested.

Author — Lenny Urlacher


What was the white powder put in with the water to clean it?

Author — Gary Kamermans