Watch the incredible rescue attempts in the Bahamas

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Watch the incredible rescue attempts in the Bahamas 4
CNN's Patrick Oppmann is in Freeport, Bahamas where rescue efforts have begun to locate residents trapped by the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. #CNN #News

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"How long you gonna keep doing it."
"Until we get everybody; we're Bahamians; we're not gonna stop until we get everybody in."

God's Will be done. Sending prayers of hope and resilience to the Bahamas.

Author — Cheryl R Leigh


CNN is worth 10 billion! Why not buy some boats and help instead of getting in the way?

Author — Omar Talib Ro Aoc TYT CNN HATE AMERICA


Dude just report whats happening, do NOT shove a mic. In someone's face like that

Author — VelvetSun


I see you are rescuing people! I'm going to bother you now.

Author — Mr caustic


OMG This is the first I've seen of this! It's crazy that Dorian stalled like it did for so long! Bless them and the people helping!

Author — Karen Piotte


God bless these people helping others, I am praying for you all ❤️ #blessthebahamas

Author — LinaSunshineOn


I can take 2 children into my home, Who else will help...

Author — Robin


Dorian's wrath left unbelievable destruction. And it's not over yet.

Author — Manuela Costa Lima


0:10 That's just Chilling! Those container cars with the "Tropical" on the side weigh

Author — Joseph Dungee


Time for all these islands seem to run out because of all these storms and rising sea levels 😱.

Author — deepblue64


The people in the Bahamas are really sitting ducks in a shooting gallery, where can they actually go to, to be safe from these storms. Really no choice but to stay.

Author — Melissa Archibald


Quit harrassing the locals you fktarded reporter

Author — 0 0


This is so sad I hope everybody is fine and I pray for all the people that fight for their lives.

Author — MetalHead


"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" - Helen Keller
Please remember to put things into perspective, and have a good day.

Author — TeleTube


Behold the soulless reporter in his natural habitat!

Author — Katie C


I hope the US will send as much support as possible. Pray Dorian turn back out to sea quickly.

Author — Debi Powell


Don’t worry folks, a very stable genius with a large brain told me climate change is just a Chinese hoax, we’ll be fine👍🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️

Author — RC


I'm just going to hate what Trump's "On the ground" response will be. Because you know it's coming. It's going to be another "I'm the best", "You lot are lucky I'm here", "It's all about me".. He's going to use the tragedy to complain how "Hard done by I am" and go off on another senile tangent.. It's the people of these Tragedies that I really feel for. The President should be there to offer Assistance to those affected. Not making it about them.



Russia and bad orange man colluded with the storm . CNNs headline tomorrow

Author — seano8484NPC2222


CNN Getting In The Way And Making It About Politics.

Author — Ron Wuerch