Building a skin-on-frame F1 kayak, hour by hour

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Building a skin-on-frame F1 kayak, hour by hour 5

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Simply: This is a Piece of beauty! Highest respect to you!

Author — Jakub Šimánek


I admire people who build things with their hands!
Well done

Author — Dirk Grobler


Respect. This is absolutely amazing craft, would watch even the whole build, wonderful work

Author — Michal Zajac


This is fantastic and to build a kajak in only 31 hours is very quick, I meen.

Author — JoachimMink


Excellent cinematography. This was pleasing to watch and has me curious about your kayaks!

Author — MattA.


What an utterly gorgeous video and build. Shot so well and so many details. Thanks.

Author — metaspencer


I think I'm going to have to buy this course and do the F1.

Author — Capnmax


Good job, there's a lot to learn. Like.

Author — Судоверфь TV


I think I would have added an out rigger for stability
Did that on my canoe an what a difference !
You could stand in it safely !

Author — CMAenergy



I'm so glad to see you're doing well. You inspired me to build my first kayak years ago, and then my canoe, and maybe a cabin one day. I remain hopeful that I'll eventually be able to attend one of your classes.

Lovely boat, as always, and a great video.

Author — Clayton Bradley


Beautiful!! Both the kayak and the video 👌👌 This is something I've wanted to make for a long time!

Author — Robin Coomans


Amazing amazing amazing. The amount of work that went into that is just... Wow.

Author — Liam Gaither


I can't Express enough how much I want to build one of these kayaks.

Author — Cormac MacArtney


what a beautiful vessel ;)
the music and this build was so relaxing to watch and listen to :)
127 misserable gits didn't like this video :( :(

Author — sme4969


It seemed a real shame to screw those plastic foot pegs in after all that amazing wood work

Author — Sam Tait


looks like an old slow love song sliding through the water... precious!

Author — Bubba Holtzclaw


A++.   There are no visible holes in your game.  Nice work!

Author — Jake Rosenfeld


Love the lack of hardware you used it’s all rods an string holding together 👌👌

Author — Reelin with Remi


Gorgeous! You must be very proud! Tnx for sharing! Nice guitar, too!

Author — Stephen Bamford


I must have watched this ten times today! Great video! Thanks!

Author — Nathan Gill