Sony Conference - Easy Allies Reactions - E3 2017

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Sony Conference - Easy Allies Reactions - E3 2017 5
We buckle in for everything PlayStation, get some big surprises, but come away wanting a bit more.
58:50 - Conference starts
2:01:12 - Post Show

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Ok, here we go again:

59:07 - Conference start
1:01:36 - Uncharted The Lost Legacy trailer
1:03:52 - Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC trailer
1:05:32 - Days Gone gameplay trailer
1:12:52 - Shawn Layden speech
1:15:53 - Monster Hunter World trailer
1:20:03 - Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake trailer
1:21:35 - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer
1:23:58 - Call of Duty WWII trailer
1:27:06 - Skyrim VR trailer
1:28:19 - Star Child trailer
1:30:07 - The Inpatient trailer
1:31:11 - Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep trailer
1:31:56 - Bravo Team trailer
1:32:45 - Moss trailer
1:35:05 - God of War trailer
1:40:42 - Detroit Become Human trailer
1:46:29 - Destiny 2 trailer
1:49:59 - Spider Man gameplay trailer
2:01:11 - Post conference

Author — GeografoNerd


Here's my 2 cents. Perhaps Sony didn't win this E3, but here's the thing. It's really ridiculous for us to expect them to epically blow our minds every year. Sooner or later, the expectations are gonna pile up when someone won't be able to meet or exceed them. That's how it's always been in the video game industry, and even a gaming giant like Sony is no different. Granted, there have been many demands, hopes and dreams only someone like Sony can deliver that could've been in this E3, like Bloodborne II, Shenmue HD, or whatever Shawn Layden was talking about when he said Japanese developers are coming back hard this year and that they'd announcing more games of that vein, and some exclusives like Bloodborne II aren't gonna make it in this case. But even these take time, money and resources. They don't come cheap, because that's how important they are for us. There is still PSX, so I'm still hopeful.

I myself can see a few flaws here and there, like those dangling corpses, Destiny 2 and that horrible Skyrim VR. But then again, every E3 has its flaws. No one could ever be flawless. And for those flaws, we got what, a sick new trailer for Uncharted, Monster Hunter on the PS4, the remake no one thought they'd want until they see it in Shadow of the Colossus remake, a solid gameplay trailer for Spider-Man, and that awesome God of War trailer that, just within its 1st 30 seconds, completely sold me on the game's story.

I will conclude simply by saying what another comment said in the EZA twitch chat: A bad Sony E3 conference is still a decent one.

Author — Hasan Al-Taie


That after-credit tease was a Miles Morales reveal for Spider-Man. It was cut, because of the stream.

Author — Mark P


The games looked great but people just want "new" at e3 sadly. Must say this is the problem when you announce your games too early. No games for 2017 stings, but plenty to play like always these days

Author — Wild Link


58:50 - Conference Starts / Orchestra
1:01:33 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
1:03:50 - Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds (Expansion)
1:05:30 - Days Gone
1:12:50 - Introduction by Shawn Layden
1:16:04 - Monster Hunter World
1:19:56 - Shadow of the Colossus
1:21:32 - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
1:23:56 - Call of Duty WWII
1:26:50 - Skyrim VR
1:28:18 - Starchild (VR)
1:30:05 - The Inpatient (VR)
1:31:10 - Monster of the Deep (Final Fantasy XV, VR)
1:31:55 - Bravo Team (VR)
1:32:41 - Moss (VR)
1:35:03 - God of War
1:40:40 - Detroid - Become Human
1:46:27 - Destiny 2
1:48:55 - Shawn Layden is back!
1:49:55 - Spider-Man
1:58:50 - Closing Montage
2:01:12 - Post Show

Author — Gifforus


So Kyle is super against anything spoiler related when it bothers him, yet he insists here over and over on dropping trademarks that were leaked when everyone keeps asking him not to.

Author — Sean Davidson


Idk if you mentioned it, but the Kid at the end of the Spider-Man trailer was Miles Morales.

Author — Elijah - PickleFISH96


1:08:47 "Is that a giraffe..."

Author — YellowBird


The crowd was SO dead. They looked bored. Although I'll be honest, the show didn't do much for me either. It's just I'm not a real fan of Uncharted, GoW or that Zombie game so a lot of the big hitters aren't for me. I love my PS4 for games like Ni No Kuni 2 & Yakuza.. really wish they'd have highlighted those. Oh well. But I am a crazy insane Fumito Ueda fan so I was in tears seeing that beautiful version of Shadow of the Colossus! That made the whole conference for me & I cannot WAIT to play that remake!!

Author — JimmyFoxhound


"4chan is always right" - "rude" Kyle Bosman

Author — TheDrZoidberg


Remaster = updated textures, higher fps, still the same amount of polygons. Remake = built from the ground up.

Author — RexArthur Ramos


i think sony's big mistake was not keeping all VR stuff on the pre-show. Also not having devil may cry 5

Author — Goldman


Just caught something fun, at 1:46:29 they all make eyes at each other because they tought it's bloodborne 2 or something alike because of the dark tones, they sort of prepare to get excited :D

Author — DeviMon1


so we can all agree sony had the worst fans for reactions

Author — mr grimm 94


Aside from Microsoft showing a car at a games conference, I think both Microsoft and Sony did fine - they showed games, games, and more games, which is what we want. Of course some people are going to come out of that disappointed if they don't get the games they wanted and/or expected to see, or the games weren't their cup of tea.

Personally, I still liked Sony's conference more. Especially when the games I liked from Microsoft's conference are pretty much all going to be available on PS4, so in that respect Microsoft failed because they haven't done anything to make me feel like I'm missing out on their product.

Author — Mattman


Shawn wasn't kidding with cult following part cuz i'm one of them

Author — 98kazer


Kratos became Unworthy Thor :F I'm digging it I must more like pagan/nordic mythology than greek/roman

Author — KoTu


I think it was an great conference not year of dreams of course but better than by a mile from everyone, i think pacing was a little off and crowd was dead but overall great conference!!

Author — Logan hardy


I kind of liked the multiplayer trailer for CoD but I was surprised they didn't have a campaign mission cause they do that for every E3 event but personally I don't get how a lot of people mixed this up with the campaign cause it feels way to chaotic then again world war 2 was pretty hectic but you know what I mean

Author — Young Knight


My E3 Rank:

Author — Björn Holmgren