Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

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Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe 5
Mike Rowe the host of "Dirty Jobs," tells some compelling (and horrifying) real-life job stories. Listen for his insights and observations about the nature of hard work, and how its been unjustifiably degraded in society today.

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This guy is a phenomenal speaker. That twenty minute speech seemed like just a few.

Автор — Charlie5thumbs


Mike Rowe is a legend. He is intelligent, articulate, and educated, yet he commits to these jobs that most people would never do for any amount of money. I love this guy.

Автор — Slinging Lead


I’m an electrician. Mike Rowe is dead on.

A year ago I was on a job at a high school (the same I went to) when a classmate who became a teacher saw me working. We talked and he asked me what happened. I was so good in school and would’ve done well in college, he said. I didn’t tell him, but I made over double what he makes without the debt. During my apprenticeship I worked 50 hour weeks while also taking classes twice a week after work.

To many people, the trades are for people who failed in life or weren’t intelligent enough to go to college. Its what people who can’t think do for a living. I can’t even begin to explain how wrong that is nor how good of a career a person can have in the trades. I am constantly challenged to think through very practical problems. I use math and science daily. I must be able to read and understand everything from architectural plans to circuitry diagrams to equipment manuals.

I made 104k last year at age 36. I owned my own home without a mortgage and was married by 28. My children will have every avenue available to them as they grow up, be it college or trades or anything else, because I can save for their education starting from before they were even born. I have challenging and fulfilling work, and at the end of a day I can look at what I had done and feel as though I accomplished something useful and needed. I’ll retire by age 55 easily if I so desire with a healthy pension.

I can live with the mockery. Any of you looking for a good career absolutely should look into the trades. Welders especially are in high demand. You can make obscene money if you weld, especially if you specialize into something like hazardous or underwater welding. I know some mid-20s guys that made over 150k welding last year on a bridge.

Автор — Jordan Breon


My very first job I was supposed to be a carpenter's apprentice. My boss was my carpentry teacher in high school. I was stoked and was only 16. I arrive at his house bright and early on Saturday with my ride who also worked for him for 5+ years. I had new tools and my lunch with me. He comes out and walks me over to a small field next to his home, carrying a sledge hammer. All kinds of thoughts racing through my head. "You see all these large rocks and boulders? I'm building a garage in this field and need them all smashed into smaller rocks so I can remove them. We'll be back in 8 hours." Then he and his other worker left. I thought it was a joke, but there I stood in the field with dozens of boulders the size of picnic tables. So I began. I'd love to say it was cool and cloudy but it wasn't. After 4 hours I stopped to eat my lunch, also stopping occasionally to drink water. Sure enough after 8 hours both he and his worker returned and I had cleared the field and reduced all the boulders down to basketball sized rocks. Hands covered in blisters. He thanked me and paid me what we agreed on per hour and said nothing else. On our way home I asked his other worker who gave me a ride what the deal was. "Was I ever going to learn actual carpentry or was I just going to be used for manual labor?" He told me with a smile, "Smashing those rocks all day wasn't your job, it was your audition". Sure enough the next weekend I started learning roofing, siding, building additions, remolding kitchens, ect. I worked for him for 7 1/2 years before he retired and I moved on and worked for a component manufacturer for the next 20+ years. The skills I learned with him I've used my entire adult life from hanging doors, sheetrock, trim and moldings, windows, you name it. In life you will always have those days of smashing rocks in the hot sun, how you handle it will also show you how you'll handle just about everything that comes your way.

Автор — wingmanalive


Can you please deliver this speech at high school commencement cermonies?

Автор — Mallory McGuire


I would probably vote for Mike Row if he ran for president

Автор — IntensePeppers


I remember when i was in 5th grade the teacher asked us what we wanted as a career or job when we grew up. I said construction, because i think i would like building things. The other kids laughed, thought it was a poor mans job. The teacher had to correct them, saying that it was a good job. I became an electrician at 18, foreman at 23. And now living very comfortably at 29.

I love my job.

Автор — Shane Knox


The man reached enlightenment through some lamb balls on his face.

Автор — Pinarron


This would have been the greatest graduation speech ever.

Автор — Cletus Kasady


bring back the apprenticeship system, stop talking people into college

Автор — Sheepdog1314


Starting over in welding after 3 years of pursuing a music degree. Feels good.

Автор — Marc Dumont


16:44 "How many people have their BlackBerry" and that's how you know this video is 10 years old

Автор — Ceol


Don’t follow your passion, be passionate about your work.

Автор — Tim Schneider


I am a wastewater treatment operator. Every day I have to throw a bucket into a tank containing 250, 000 gallons of sewage to get lab samples. Then I have to incubate those samples and grow live E Coli bacteria. Everyone I tell what I do is disgusted and say no way they would do it. But I have peace with it, I make great money, and I am entrusted to do my best to make sure the job is done right and what is discharged into the river is as clean as I can make it.

Автор — Jerry Ray


I need to practice speaking like this: natural, strong voice, and tactfully witty.

Автор — Jerad P


To anyone who reads this comment:
Being considered a “hard worker” is one of the best compliments you can ever receive. Everyone is born to a different financial situation and some people are born with more intelligence than others, but it’s those who work hard and make an honest living that make our society so great. A big thank you to all those blue collar workers out there!

Автор — mrkrabz123


I never knew Mike Rowe was such a philosopher... Damn, Now I need a book from him.

Автор — Brgnalf81


Mike Rowe...please run for president and fix the ultimate dirty job, (fixing this country)! Mike Rowe for president!

Автор — Tiffani R.


Definitely an old-school, roll up your sleeves, hard working intellect.

Автор — Tom M


I know this is 10 years or so old but it’s good to see someone acknowledging the real ‘workers’ in life.

Автор — Marcia Doyle