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Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe 5
Mike Rowe the host of "Dirty Jobs," tells some compelling (and horrifying) real-life job stories. Listen for his insights and observations about the nature of hard work, and how its been unjustifiably degraded in society today.

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This guy is a phenomenal speaker. That twenty minute speech seemed like just a few.

Author — Charlie5thumbs


I am a wastewater treatment operator. Every day I have to throw a bucket into a tank containing 250, 000 gallons of sewage to get lab samples. Then I have to incubate those samples and grow live E Coli bacteria. Everyone I tell what I do is disgusted and say no way they would do it. But I have peace with it, I make great money, and I am entrusted to do my best to make sure the job is done right and what is discharged into the river is as clean as I can make it.

Author — Jerry Ray


Mike Rowe is a legend. He is intelligent, articulate, and educated, yet he commits to these jobs that most people would never do for any amount of money. I love this guy.

Author — Slinging Lead


Can you please deliver this speech at high school commencement cermonies?

Author — Mallory McGuire


"Son, My job is not to get you home alive, it is to get you home rich. If you want to get home alive, that's on you." Yeah I would probably be all about safety at that point too.

Author — SoralTheSol


This guy is a superb orator. So gifted. So exceptionally bright. And that voice he has!

Author — david lincoln brooks


I remember when i was in 5th grade the teacher asked us what we wanted as a career or job when we grew up. I said construction, because i think i would like building things. The other kids laughed, thought it was a poor mans job. The teacher had to correct them, saying that it was a good job. I became an electrician at 18, foreman at 23. And now living very comfortably at 29.

I love my job.

Author — Shane Knox


Someone who knows the meaning of anagnorisis and peripeteia biting lamb testicles off. I like that.

Author — Willswalkingwest


Starting over in welding after 3 years of pursuing a music degree. Feels good.

Author — Marc Dumont


its not a bad thing to be a nobody who just works for a living. You are still important to your loved ones, isnt that enough?

Author — Eating with hands


I know this is 10 years or so old but it’s good to see someone acknowledging the real ‘workers’ in life.

Author — Marcia Doyle


I never knew Mike Rowe was such a philosopher... Damn, Now I need a book from him.

Author — Brgnalf81


16:44 "How many people have their BlackBerry" and that's how you know this video is 10 years old

Author — Ceol


I had a really good job [according to my mum} as an administration clerk in the Government. I hated it. I went Bush and ended up working as a tree feller. I loved it and went on to become a Ranger and Firefighter with the National Parks Service until I retired 35 years later. I would not change a thing!

Author — Michael Campbell


This would have been the greatest graduation speech ever.

Author — Cletus Kasady


Gotta lotta love for Rowe. My dirtiest job was canoeing in the dungwaters underneath a cowbarn to fix a pump with the farmer

Author — Orgon Solo


Eloquent, honest, charismatic speaker...love Mike Rowe.

Author — Carolyn Coe


One of the most simply profound and practical TED talk ever. Here's one for the working class.

Author — Joseph Beard


To anyone who reads this comment:
Being considered a “hard worker” is one of the best compliments you can ever receive. Everyone is born to a different financial situation and some people are born with more intelligence than others, but it’s those who work hard and make an honest living that make our society so great. A big thank you to all those blue collar workers out there!

Author — mrkrabz123


This was surprisingly deep and a very good TED talk. I actually got something out of it, well done.

Author — Bobby Badmon