How to make a Split Screen video (Picture in Picture effect) - Movavi Video Suite 14

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How to make a Split Screen video (Picture in Picture effect) - Movavi Video Suite 14 4.5

IMPORTANT! The video features an older version.

In this Movavi split screen tutorial you can see a demonstration of the built-in screen splitter tool available in Movavi Video Suite for Windows.
Want to learn how to make split screen videos? Watch our Movavi video Editor split screen video tutorial!

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Thank You! This Is Exactly What I Needed!😅

Author — Verzon


Спасибо, за ответ, все очень понятно. Спасибо, без вас бы не разобралась!

Author — Polina Blloer


I really like this feature, this is something that helps my videos to stand out!

Author — projectx86x


where should i download Movavi? "For Mac" or "Download For Free"?

Author — zuwyzzxkr21


how to play back one by one ?
play first video..after second video ?

Author — Wiki TN


very easy to figure out. thanks for the video!

Author — Arlene Quinn-Wood


Nice... now, how do I sync the videos?

Author — Leo 34


I had edition 10, but I'm glad 11 is out because 10's interface was harder to use

Author — Rav3n


How can I add a caption above the screens? Thanks, btw, nice video :D

Author — Lnz_uk


Can I make a video where I'm playing all the instruments, and have them all with sound from the separate videos? Like those vids you see where someone is harmonizing with themselves?

Author — Gary Johnson


This is a great video! Are you based in the US? I'm in Chicago

Author — DurtyMedia


Suite 18 has the " Add Video Track " option under the same + icon, but when you click " Add Video Track " it adds an
" Overlay Track " instead. So after almost 4 years, they haven't brought this option back ?!? Even CC cameras do this out of the box. Taking away useful features instead of adding new ones is the best way to tank a program/app.

Author — Cy Brunel


Hello! I have the new version but when I do split screen, all videos begin to lag.

Author — Julia Weissbard


can you make one for the new suit??? i cant work it out at all and the link in the description does nothing for split screens

Author — Rorz Uk


Played with the trial version for a few hours and was quite easy. Still shopping around.

Author — Gary Harris


I need to talk to someone at your company. I want to use videos for training purposes. I want to set up a 'model' video and have the ability to compare the model example, to different people performing the same movements. The timing needs to be synchronized.
for example, take the best athlete in the world doing something. Then compare an entire team of less accomplished athletes making the same movement. We need to be able to speed up and slow down the athlete's so that the start of a motion is the same for both.

Author — Kapowsin


I can't seem to do any split screen video options - maybe because I downloaded the free version for windows 10?

Author — goldensilencegirl


im using Movavi video suite 15 and I don't know how to split screen video with that, please tell me.!!

Author — Franky DA


How do you do the split screen for movavi suite 16.4? It looks beautiful!

Author — SkylinaWhatYouSay1396


I bought Movavi Video Suite, because of the split screen effect. I have version 16 and see that it is not possible the way it is shown in the videos here. You show four videos being put into one and that does not seem possible with Version 16. I feel cheated, like I wasted my money.
What can I do? Can I downgrade to version 14, where it seems possible?

Author — Frank Downey