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Watch Chris Cuomo's full interview with Sarah Sanders 3.5

CNN's Chris Cuomo presses Sarah Sanders on her false statement that President Donald Trump did not dictate a misleading letter about a Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

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I did not have factual relations with that woman.

Author — Steven K Harrison


Longest line of partisan sycophants in the history of the US presidency. Total AD NAUSEUM.

Author — Blue Skies


sometimes when people lie so much, they begin to believe their lies

Author — Cassius Rathbone


One thing i can say for Sarah Sanders. Its AMAZING how well trained she is! She is a robot. I mean she never BLINKED. She sat there with a straight face and didnt hesistate ONE time when asked a DIRECT simple question about something she said ON CAMERA. "I refer to legal council, I refer to legal council"....uh no maam, lets refer to the VIDEO tape lmao. Good god. That Job she has, has got to be the most pride swallowing siege I can ever think of.

Author — Chris Salim


Chris needs to just stop asking the same question over and over lol

Author — Trollin Fo Justice


Sarah, your job title is "press secretary." Your job description is to speak on behalf of your employer.

Author — a hellenic pagan


Even thought I don’t like her, she’s much more tolerable than Kayleigh McEnany

Author — Polar Panda


Cut to the CHASE, and answer the question. I am so glad you are GONE. You should have been a baseball player, you are doing good playing Dodge the question. Girl BYE.

Author — Dean Cooper


You know regardless of if she answered the questions or not it was nice to see the interview conducted civilly without yelling and shouting

Author — Mason Flannery


Wow he has wayyyy more patience then me...i love he kept going while never stooping to her level even as she contridicts her statements in the very next breath! Appreciate this so much! Im sick of seeing the right wing debaters go on and not be at all authentic but just incendiary when discussing politic topics...own your side...stop being rude...and have a real discussion so we can get somewhere instead of this same old tired game...makes me think this is your tactic becasue you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to the facts! Prove me wrong republicans prove me wrong!

Author — Christina Garcia


Damnnn I noticed his technique when he speaks to her. He must have been taught about that when he studied. You have to get into the psychology of a person and since Sarah is a nut job, he had to speak to her softly

Author — Be sweet and kind but take no shit!


"The economy is one of the president's signature moments" Wow this didn't age well.

Author — E C


Why did she agree to an interview? She hasn't done anything but frustrate anyone that watched this.

Author — jacole4505


0:15 If reporting what the president does is attacking, then so be it, LOL!

Author — Hyper Sonic


Who's better at "spinning" the question when asked: Sarah Huckabee or Kellyann Conway?
They're (in one of Trump's Big words)


Author — Jeffrey Turner


He gives her every opportunity to be civil. But she's aggressive, condescending, insulting and lying from almost every word after 'hello'. Cuomo has, in attempting to hold civilised conversation with her, proved that she cannot be civil.

Author — Matthew Charman


Cumo needs to answer for his spygate comments. She was right again.

Author — mylifeastedturner


She just lies incessantly and stupid smirk and grin is disgusting

Author — james mcguinness


GOD, how can people's minds be so evil? Comfortable with lying and fabricated stories. PROUD TO SUPPORT A NUMBWIT.

Author — MrDon1song


OH! The witch has been found it's Orange obese and whistles when it talks.

Author — Sanchez Aa