What If We Set Aside Half the Planet for Wildlife?

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What If We Set Aside Half the Planet for Wildlife? 5
About 65 million years ago, a mass extinction event occurred, wiping out more than 75% of all species on Earth. There have only been 5 mass extinctions in our planet's 4.5 billion year history. But the next one has already started. By the end of this century, one in six species on Earth could be gone. Will humans go with them?

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I'll stay in the "no human" side and pretend to be a carrot.

Author — John Low


earth: *creates group chat
animals: *joined the chat
plants: *joins the chat
humans: *joins the chat
earth, animals, plants: *left the chat

Author — A J J Vlogs


"what if we set aside half the planet for wildlife"
Oceans: guess imma head out

Author — Dev Dancer


“Animals need us as much as we need them”

Not true at all. If humans disappeared most life on this planet would flourish compared to how it is now. But if they disappear we’re screwed. We need them way more than they need us.

Author — The420Chronicles


*Everyone* : _hey lets save earth_
*_15 minutes later_*
*Also everyone* : _totally forgot about what they commented 15 minutes ago_

Author — Zax 133


The video: It cost billions of money

*Mr.Beast: Hold my beer*

Author — Angela Marie3


“What if the half of the world was for wildlife”

*Humans would probably take that side too.

Author — Itz Gachacookie xoxo


Everyone: aye let’s do this

Government: *sends the animals to the ocean*

Author — Derpydogz025


Honestly. The way I see it we are just like parasites in a host.

Author — Buncappy


What if instead of making 50% of earth human free, we make every country 50% free of humans, only 50% of the land can be used for civilization rest nature/wild reserve, that could work better every one has clean air that way

Author — Dharam Singh


Humans: “if bees die we die”

Dragonfly’s: em I a joke to you?

Author — Adriantheone 1


4:54 i thought my mom yelled in the background but i noticed that it’s from the video.
update: thank you for 50 likes :)

Author — Green Dog Music


4:26 Correction. We need other species, but they do NOT need us.

Author — Plafintarr


*"perfect as all things should be"*


Author — r3d_d3d


Humans : What if we keep destroying the nature like we do now?
Earth: Well, that's a story for another extinction..!!

Author — the guy next door


If this ever gets implemented for real and if my half is chosen, I'm even willing to vacate my homeland and relocate. It is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Author — karthik puvvula


In past: Make love no war.
Now: Stop making love, be aware of overpopulation.
Later: Make War no Love.

Author — [] OMG []


"We need them as much as they need us."

XD pretty sure animals would be better off in general without humanity.

Author — Your Welcome


Man: “we’re all in this together”

Me: /starts singing the entire song/

Author — A Dead Soul


Earth: *Ends.*
Moms: It's because of that damn phone.

Thx for 2.6k Likes

Author — Guido Mista