Raw Video: Inside a Myanmar Plane Crash

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Raw Video: Inside a Myanmar Plane Crash 4

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No it wasnt Myanmar plane, it was Biman from Bangladesh, hope you edit your misleading title

Author — Eimon Thet


i am surprised somebody even dared to fly with my national airlines. We avoid this airline plague.

Author — ptaluk


I know she's in a bit of shock, but how annoying....I was expecting her to ask to speak to a manager next....

Author — Rcbif


I knew the PIC was in big trouble when he went waaaay past the touchdown point and did not execute a standard go-around. He was determined to set it down, with or WITHOUT runway.

Author — Ham Repair


Was that a Dash 8? Those have great safety records.

Author — Clifton Taylor


Typical of the millenials. Cant do it themselves. Must have the captain or stewardess to open the door.
Learn how it is done and then should the need arise, do it yourself!

Author — wi11y1960