The Controlled Chaos that is Manu Ginobili

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San Antonio
Tony Parker
Manu Ginobili
Tim Duncan
Bryn Forbes
Davis Bertans
Derrick White
Dejounte Murray
DeMar Derozan
Dante Cunningham
Jakob Poeltl
Quincy Pondexter
Marco Belinelli
Lonnie Walker IV
Chimeie Metu
Rudy Gay
LaMarcus Aldridge
Patty Mills
Pau Gasol
Gregg Popovich

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I'm honored to watch him play from the start til the end.

Author — Jay Rush


So glad I got to grow up and watch him play. What a treat he always was.

Author — jday beats


that is not the Euro step....Its called the Manu Step

Author — Jose Gonzalez


The emotions that this man give to this sport are unforgettable

Author — Blender Wiki


Manu had a killer euro step.
Usually the euro step is in low speed, but manu was doing it while he's in full speed.
Great player.

Author — JustHuman


The Spurs wouldn't have five championships if it wasn't for him. Plus the game in Miami the referee made a bad call otherwise we would have six. They played the film in Miami got an extra shot at the end of the game to win it which never should have happened. But anyway ginobili was unstoppable when he wanted to score. He's a combination of Allen Iverson Kobe and other very fast creative players I don't think anyone was really as creative as ginobili, you could ask the other players on the other teams and they would tell you the same thing

Author — Don Ross


I was born at the right time. I got to see Manu do his magic as a season ticket holder with the Spurs. My only regret was that I didn’t live life the way he played.

Author — Vincent Villegas


Manu is the result when God combines the genes of MJ, Rodman, Kobe and Andy Garcia

Author — Sponge Knock


i didnt know gordon ramsey was in this 🤔

Author — Bilal Ghafoor


Top 3 SG :
1. Jordan
2. Kobe
3. Manu

Sorry d wade 🙏

Author — Michael Surya


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Author — Leeds Judson