F-14 Tomcat - the TOP GUN

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F-14 Tomcat - the TOP GUN 5

Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a jet fighter developed by Grumman Corporation for the US NAVY in the early 1970s. Created using a number of new technical solutions, the F-14 is considered the first fourth-generation fighter. For 2019, it is operated as part of the Iranian Air Force, it is retired from the US NAVY.

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40 some years old and it still looks modern. That's not easy to do.

Author — GaLoS


F14 Tomcat: The most visually stunning fighter ever built.

Author — Lawrence Grott


Ahh, the F-14 is just the most beautiful looking fighter jet ever.

Author — Eric McManus


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."
*Top Gun Anthem starts playing*

Author — Hal Nordmann


Them Jolly Rodgers tails look so good!

Author — Dion Phagoof


“If you try and please everyone, you will not please anyone.”

The story of the F 35s life

Author — Andy Dai


I have always loved the F-14 Tomcat 🐱 and always will.

Author — Patrick P


One of the most beautiful military planes!

Author — Ervand Rush


I remember seeing the Tomcat flying in Okinawa. It sounded like no other fighter on the runway by my house. All the locals were enamored by the bombers and newer F22. I always thought the two seat tandem configuration, twin engine and extending wings were cooler than any aircraft on the island. This was years ago before it was retired officially in 2006. Now we are getting the F35. We really wanted the F22 but federal law in the US bars us from this cause it's classified. Even to the US's closest of allies.

Author — Tomoko


Saw one of these bad boys taxiing across in Isfahan international airport in Iran. It was incredibly big, scary and menacing but also kinda sad. It looked tired and old.

Author — S MH


The F-14D's performance was actually very exceptional and noteworthy. It was the only plane in the fleet that had the required range and payload to carry the Paveway III bunker buster during Iraqi Freedom, hence earning the name "bombcat". Just as with the F-15 the F-14's large airframe and powerful set of engines proved that the airframe could make for an effective multi-role aircraft. The reason the F14D was removed so early from service is because the Navy lied to Congress about how cheap the F/A-18E/F was going to cost, and they also lied about how soon the JSF was going to enter service.

Author — HYDRAdude


The old girl did eventually take on the bombing role and did so rather successfully, being nicknamed the bombcat.

Author — Martin Mc Parland


An A-10 pilot did an AmA on r/hoggit a few years ago. One of the questions was:
"Which is the best-looking American jet fighter and why is it the F-14 Tomcat?"
No explanation needed.

Author — Nick


The Tomcat is one strikingly gorgeous aircraft, from every single angle.

Author — Alecxace


F 15 and f 14 are the most beautiful planes ever made

Author — hendrix First one


My older brother served on the USS Independence for 4 years in the late 70s early 80s. He took some great pictures of the F-14 at work and rest.

Author — Brian Rad


Been in love with that bird since I was 8... thank you Top Gun!

Author — Renzokuken Leneyoyo


I spent some time on a couple of aircraft carrier flight decks. I witnessed the awesomeness of the F-14s. In one word they were monsters! Saw them break the sound barrier countless times too.
Too bad we can’t recommission just one for air shows.

Author — marc196050


This F-14 Tomcat is my fav jet fighter although I'm not fighter pilot. Like the shape.

Author — Patrick Sultan


alot of the scenes in this vid are from the 80`s movie "the final countdown"

Author — Team Relo