Nancy Pelosi responds to calls for new Democratic leadership

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Nancy Pelosi responds to calls for new Democratic leadership 2

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi became a member of Congress through a special election 30 years ago. She has led House Democrats for the last 14 years, including a stint as the first female speaker. But the Democratic Party's losing streak in recent special elections prompted some House colleagues to question her leadership. Pelosi joins "CBS This Morning" to respond to the criticism and discuss the Republicans' efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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The Republicans didn't "take power" they were elected. Pelosi needs to go.

Author — Jean Claude


How can someone who can't communicate, , tell us how we need to communicate?

Author — Sheila Thomas


Being a retired licensed nurse, I have taken care of Alzheimer's patients who made more sense. *Elaine*



She is more focus on Trump, but not focus on the American people.

Author — Pete Peters


She keeps saying, "I'm a Master Legislature" Why does she think she's a master anything? She can barely talk...

Author — Vivian S


Term Limits people! This is what happens when you're in office to long.

Author — Double D


The Democrats are bringing us down. They are all crazy

Author — Trey B


She shows early signs of dementia. It's time to step down.

Author — busterthe2


Really 😨. She's soo full of it. LOW I.Q LEADERSHIP 😴

Author — William Edwards


I was a democrat until she said "We have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill." They lost me right there.

Author — Harris Assment


She has a Serious Mental Problem, it needs addressed ! She is incompetent and definitely has signs of Dementia !

Author — Denise Weber


Hahahah she's the best comedian on the planet

Author — hit man


remember when she said "we have to pass the bill (Obama care) in order to find out what's in it?

Author — onenikkione


I just have one word to describe Nancy's answer...Huh?

Author — Eddie Johnson


The last 10 seconds were the best lol, she’s losing it.

Author — Daniel Who?


Stay in Nancy you remind me while I left CA.

Author — Jim Cox


Listening to her talk gives me frustration and anxiety

Author — Paul Heine


She's such a "master legislator" that democrats have been wiped out legislatively under her leadership and she can't get a single thing done in Congress after 30 years.

Author — oggyreidmore


What? What? What is she even saying.
What the flipping crap!

Author — Haywood


Her own party wants her out. How embarrassing.

Author — Ines Almeyda