Roswel Kokopeli Invisibility and Torsion

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Roswel Kokopeli Invisibility and Torsion 5
music: unicorn heads

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14:35 Not gonna tell us how? Haven't we already been down that road?

Author — Katy Wants To Go


Truth, 1st hand projection and mountain entry experience...
Our tech is amazing and beyond imagination...

Author — Me H


My opinions about lazar revolve around my belief that people like lazar would make ideal disinfo agents. Whatever lazar saw, his story is informed largely by a combination of his own long held suspicions and purposefully selective exposure to advanced tech as well as classified documents (of which its safe to assume many were fabricated specifically for the purpose of exposing unwitting disinfo agents to them)

Lazar had the education and mind to actually hold a job at these facilities, but he also had the preconceived notions about govt secrets and aliens required for this disinfo op to work.

He would have nevet gotten a job at these facilities under normal circumstances because he obviously did not fit the psych profile required. He believed in conspiracies and aliens. He was almost immediately in violation of his NDA...very quickly beginning to bring friends out to witness classified craft being tested. He also held very rigid beliefs about govt conspiracy.

All of this would have come to light early on in the hiring process and any of these things alone would have disqualified him from employment.

Lazar, imo, was hired to do exactly what he ended up doing. Spread the recovered alien craft/tech narrative. He was, again, educated and smart enough to get a job so that part wouldnt seem suspicious to him. He already had beliefs about aliens and ufos so it was easy to convince him that what he saw was from aliens. He also was a conspiracy theorist and more than willing to tell/show people what he saw to prove this alien stuff wad real.

Perfect disinfo agent. The one who doesn't know they are one. Whose story rings true because they believe it and further because they were actually witness to something. Something they believed to be alien and which they never thought might have been presented to them in this way on confirm their already held beliefs.

To me lazar is proof that the little grey men from somewhere else is total b.s. what the truth is i have no idea....but im certain what lazar says he saw, was manufactured just for him to see and the reason for this was to use him as an agent of disinformation.

Author — JahRojas ExQSys


I call it "active camouflage" in reference to Halo.
In Los Angeles they carried out a secret mission to this Guatemalan museum, military helicopters with cloaking capabilities. They were in and out fast as they could

Author — Martin Walsh


the youtube channel Robert Murray-Smith has multiple ways of making graphene

Author — wizz33 a


My father used to carve kokopelli wood figurines for me. We grew up in the Arizona desert and he had a lot of knowledge about the native American tribes in the southwest

Author — Martin Walsh


Thank you sensai. Love. Happy Tartar day!

Author — That Infinite


Non-limited two way spring, torsion conceptualization for laymen.

Author — shem ways


The X-Files...
was Scooby Doo
without the dog...
and half the humans...

Did anyone else find it weird
that Scooby had a speech impediment while his nephew,
Scrappy, spoke perfectly?

Author — Hank Wedel Music


My fav effects pedal is called the Tensor...

Author — MEMRY - MAN


Yo camouflage in new mexico, huh??? I want to go on a hunt around here...

Author — Irara Meztli


Is bob lazar the guy that made the call to the radio guy about people trying to kill him ? That was like played off as a hoax and after him being crazy and then whole life scrubbed its been 2p years since ive even herd his name other than u just now is he dead?... awespme laser gun laser through a telescope awesome for starting fires especially when u ise one of those 1 to 7 umm mw or w lasers totally dangerous they are so cheap now a must have for any pyro

Author — FUN GUY


There has to be extra terra for extraterrestrials to exist and this home of ours IS the only Terra. Space is fake AF, we aint moving and earth isnt a giant water covered pear shaped rock in a second law of thermodynamics violation.. dig ya stuff xirt but how have you not come to these realizations yet? I get that its not popular or lucrative but truth is truth bro..

Author — Ryan Eartherton