NO MORE DRAMA || How To Deal With Any Emergency Like a Pro

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NO MORE DRAMA || How To Deal With Any Emergency Like a Pro 4.5

Deal with any emergency like a pro!

If you want to know emergency hacks for any unlucky situation, then this video is for you. We are sharing with you some amazing lifehacks that will help you save the day in any situation that you might come across. So, keep watching to find out all the amazing hacks we have to offer you.

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When the sauce fell It looked like blood gasp she is dieing

Author — Roberta Fraizer


Corona Virus could NEVER!!

Also, whoever is reading this, I hope you have a nice day!

I never thought I would get 110 likes on a comment.

Author — Yamileth Perez-Bonilla


2:36 They have a ladybug and cat noir poster! See

Author — Ophelia Brandt


who else is watching this when there's a corona virus😷😷

Author — Maha Mirjana Bacnis


1:09 vicky's face tho😂😂 jk jk ily vicky and love 123 go!!💖💖💖

Author — ghazal kharoub


When the bleach spilled on the Lily's shirt what if she did not like it?

Author — Sage Scott


0:45 like we have those these days. D:

Author — Dexter S


Who else's watching this being stuck at home??? 🧐🧐

Author — kim Leslie


That part the crying Vicky part me:it’s just a movie it’s not real Vicky:still crying

Author — M̶e̶l̶o̶n̶ ̶ ̶c̶r̶o̶s̶s̶i̶n̶g̶


Who likes to save toilet paper in these times

Author — Pranav Rapelli


Them : you will never know it’s different
Me :I did one is bigger than the other

Author — Uncle billy ??


Thumbnail: let's use some toilet paper when people can't buy it anymore!

Author — Acora Maylee


Hi 123 go I have a question and I want you to answer me

Is lily and Lana sisters cuz they look alike and some of your videos you say that they are sisters

Author — Rasha Riffat


Oh My God at 2:53 ladybug is at the backround im a big fan of them are you too 😮😁

If you dont know the show is:

Author — Luis Lamano


Lana took a picture of Lily's face, but Lilly got so expo mad 7:00- 7:07

Author — Enoylity Elevators


Whoever is reading this I will hope u have a good day and a good night
Edit oh my god I have gotten1k likes thank u so much

Author — kamlesh asnani


6:48 how did that much bleach just DRIP out 🤨 like WTF

Author — Zara Karagiannis


Lily:you’re the best friend ever
Me:aren’t you sisters

Author — Fateha Begum


3:26 Adam? is it me or is there two Adams in this channel

Author — Eunice Bautista


You know the shaving cream one ? Well did lily just take off her shirt ?🍉🍉

Author — TitusGGS De andrade