Keyboard Phones In 2020: The QWERTY Compromise

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Keyboard Phones In 2020: The QWERTY Compromise 5

Keyboard phones. Over the past two decades they’ve gone from new necessity, to laughable leftover … and all the way back around to nostalgic novelty. Hard as it may be to believe, in the year 2020, you can still buy keyboard phones … and in this roundup I’m taking a look at all four that I’ve been able to find. Join me for an extended hands-on with the Unihertz Titan, F(x)tec Pro1, Cosmo Communicator – and a loving send-off to the BlackBerry KEY2!



MrMobile's Keyboard Phones 2020 Roundup was produced following 2+ months with a BlackBerry KEY2 review sample, Unihertz Titan review sample, Fxtec Pro1 review sample and Cosmo Communicator review sample. The devices were provided by their respective manufacturers for review/evaluation. No company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.


BlackBerry KEY2:

Unihertz Titan:

F(x)tec Pro1:

Cosmo Communicator:



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💬 Comments

Still the best story teller out of a sea of tech reviewers.

Author — Jamis Santos


Phones without physical keys in 2007 = revolutionary

Phones with physical keys in 2020 = revolutionary

Author — Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman


Phone being reviewed: *Has outdated android version with a 7 mo. old security patch*
Me: *Laughs in Android 5.0 with years old security patch*

Author — EpiFritaxey


The F(x) one is just absolutely amazing! I really wish more phones with that design would be released.

Author — Ygor Cortes


"Oh no, security patch is 7 months old" -
*Me looking that my phone's last security update was in december 2016*

Author — Moskito


7:18 BROKEN BELLS! My already sky-high respect has increased even further. 👊

Author — Snazzy Labs


Oh boy I feel like I really want a phone with a physical keyboard again! 😢
Miss my old N900 😭

Author — nerdexproject


"keyboards have no place on a phone today"

Uhm no. I hope more flagship phones have physical keyboards. Way easier to text without actually looking at the screen.

Author — Fucc Boi


I'm watching this on my blackberry beyone lol never giving up this keyboard

Author — Najee Films LLC


1:31 "Two versions of android behind"
*Me with my Android 6 phone* 😳

Author — Josh


the sidekicks are always nostalgic. hope they can come back.

Author — Shania Murga


i got my cosmo communicator on 2019 december and i absolutely love it i use it as my secondary phone when searching internet its so easy to use and write even when using it on bed when u have other and under the pillow my main phone is razer phone 2 and damn i cant stop using that 120Hz screen and stop playing games on it so thats why i need 2 phones so i can have both with me <3

Author — Nikolas A. Uotila


im still using my keyone key2 came to Australia almost 2 years after its US release and at 1300 aud no chance

Author — Dee Dee


I really miss keyboards. Loved my N97 kick-out keyboard. Perfect for emulators.

Author — Allen Naorem


I genuinely miss having a physical keyboard on a phone

Author — Okapiii


I love my Key My space is going too. People seem to love it when they see it. I hope someone gets the contract.

Author — Stephen L. Guarneri, Jr


1:45 MKBHD was like:RIp blackberry 😆🙏🏼!

Author — Shru


I want the sidekick back or an iPhone with a full slide out keyboard.

Author — Small Town Horror Stories


Got a used Key2 LE in 2019 and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when it gives up the ghost. Here's hoping that at least one of these companies continues to develop keyboard devices.

Author — kathish


I don't usually comment on a lot of videos, but about that throwback review: yes pls

Author — Giulio Capocasa