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Animals in the Time of Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

Coronavirus: devastating for humans, not a bad time for animals. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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*“Your grandpa smashed me like there was no tomorrow!”*

Author — Fresh Avocado


Hi Trevor, I'm a scientist here in NYC. You would be surprised about how many amazing discoveries are just sitting there because of lack of funding.

Author — Edgar G. Kozlova


Dogs aren't being trained to recognize disease. They already recognize disease. They're being trained to enlighten humans on it.

Author — Priscilla Wilson


Trevor noah are you okay? Cause before there has been new content almost everyday in quarantine and this week it's been all repeats. Hope you're doing okay I love your show.

Author — Katrina Taylor


My sole reason to ever go to New York is to watch the Daily Show live

Author — Lizz *


Trevor, you're a precious precious treasure. Please never change.

Author — pranjali


Normally, your accents are right on point but the Jamaican one...naw, you need more practice😆

Author — Sabrina Grant


😂😂that “jamaican” accent, awful but hilariously funny😂😂

Author — tiara edwards


I’m going to be very sad when this virus is all gone and you are back in the studio. This format is so much better and you are hilarious!

Author — Mountain N


Hey Trevor, lol how did that attempted Jamaican Accent come out as every other accent mixed together ??🤣🤣. #Jamaican 🇯🇲

Author — Philecia Vernon


I love that you have so many colors of the exact same hoodie. Now I have a famous person I can point to when people make fun of me.

Author — Kiko Lian


"...and becoming a Tiger King, but for Llamas."


Author — Ashley Williams


The big, fat, and crazy groundhog is a legend remembered forever.

Author — J Dong


“That groundhog is a legend” 😂Thug life

Author — Q Been Legend


The Llama Vaccines will definitely be the opening scene to the zombie apocalypse.

Author — Alicia Spearman


Goats be like: 'you know who you're dealing with? We're the GOATs! We do as we please! We can even grow our beards out!'

Author — ⳽ᖾiz


I love your take on life - it's been one of the bright spots during this quarantine!

Author — KayErin


Trevor, your Jamaican accent made my morning! 😂

Author — lesliermtrotter


Not gonna lie, I think I’m in love with this man.

Author — danni phantom


Is this whole week just re-run compilations? Missing new episodes

Author — Masca Trails