Empires SMP: It's Time to Go... | Episode 10

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In this episode of Empires SMP, we return the scythe to Sausage, visit Katherine's Baby Town and receive some anxious news from both Sausage and Scott... The time to act is now.

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You should make an Alliance with Sbubble and Katherine and name it: "The three Florateers" 🌿

Author — Esther Kronemeijer


Please Pearl, call your kingdom The Fertile Crescent!!! It fits your moon and farm motif and is a nice call back to 8th Grade Mesopotamia History.

Author — Louis Corydon


"We brought the musles, Pearl fears nothing"

Author — Cheyenne Innie


Shubble: he has been a toxic boyfriend
Literally everyone else: ya think?

Author — Daisy Robinson


Joey: "Can I have my crown back?"
Everyone: *"No."* * in sync *

Author — Genia Advincula


I think The land of the "Gilded Helianths" will be an amazing name for your empire pearl!!

Gilded 💛- means covered with gold. also represents the golden goose which is a part of your lore
Helianths 🌻- short for Helianthus (the genus/scientific name of sunflower). this might also represents your bright and jolly personality as an emperor.

Author — Tae Gguk


Everyone fighting joey and Xornoth
Shelby: it's time to make my grand entrance

Author — pheonix024


Scott: shes the muscle pearl
Pearl: aw hes so cute
Just like a true australian with a snake

Author — slyfox !!!!!


Who would even dislike this?!? Pearl is really amazing and a great Minecraft player there is no reason to hate.

Author — reputation_ismy_religion13


“It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, so it doesn’t seem like it’s important to get rid of it.”

Nice foreshadowing Pearl. I’m sure they’ll do nothing. :)

Author — Lachlan Pfitzner


Pearl, scott, gem, shubble, katherine: Big lore scene and epic battle
Joel: *Hasn't even met Zor zor before and now he gone (i think)*

Author — BobaThePanda:p


Katherine and Pearls interaction is just✨ A D O R A B L E ✨

Author — Priyanka Hazarika


Nice to see empires again, I've missed the farmer queen

Author — TheOneUH8


Pearl, I have a couple of names for your kingdom, you can take them into account if you like it. Mistflower fields, greenleaf grove, Windfield garden and westview orchard.
Great video! ♡

Author — Ocean Animates


Congratulations on getting out of Lockdown Pearl!!!
Loving the custom skin / tools!

Author — Dee Bea


From her videos in hermitcraft, her in empires and others, Pearl is surprisingly good at pvp.

Author — Kingofspades


Now that the series is gonna end, I’m weeping that Zornoth could stay here longer

Author — bai chen


I´m for no reason suspecting for Pearl to be the Next upcoming Villian. Just because she liked to fight Xornoth and might try to bring Him back.

Author — Dirt Block


Ngl the beginning was so heart warming.. ♥ Katherine has done such a great job with Baby Town!

Author — Priti Chauhan


a thought for the name, what if it was the Autumn Empire? because a lot of the colors give me very fall vibes and it's very nature-y

Author — Sleepy_ Sweaters