Russia 2018: An Unforgettable World Cup | Tournament Wrap

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What a World Cup that was! Russia 2018 had it all - incredible stories, great goals, huge performances. And at the end, France were crowned Champions for the second time. Congratulations to Les Blues and enjoy our tournament review clip featuring some of our favourite images from the FIFA Films Camera crews.

Match highlights:

Follow all the action from Russia across the FIFA Platforms:

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What a great World Cup. Congratulations to France. I enjoyed watching this football for the last month. Well done to Russia for hosting it. It will be remembered as one of the greatest World Cups. There were surprises with a lot of the big nations getting knocked out early on in the campaign. VAR is here to stay, but it needs more to help it make it a fairer game for players, teams and spectators. Roll on Qatar 2022.

Author — Kevin Finegan


Thank you Russia for one the best, if not the best World Cup in history, i wish to come back one day to your wonderful country.

Author — Axel Gren


Incredible FIFA World Cup, emotions, goals, best moments, and a new world champion, FRANCE, thank you Russia 2018, see you in Qatar 2022.

Author — Alfredo Figueroa Valencia


This World Cup will always have a place in my heart.

Amazing goals, new stars, great comebacks, unforgettable penalty shootouts, a never seen title contender on the final, legendary players and many surprises.

Greatest world cup I have ever seen.

Author — Bryan Galaviz


This was the first world cup I watched live every game was intense, all i can say is thank you Russia for hosting it so well done to you, love from India 🇮🇳

Author — Rahul Kumar


"It is Russia's party, and the party goes on."
Unforgettable. True...

Author — Дмитрий Морев


This was an incredible, historical, and jaw-dropping World Cup (for me 😁). People's nations uniting, celebrating, and cheering not just for their own teams but for other national teams, too. The first World Cup that I have been updated ever since and watched all of the matches. Never thought I'd cry when Spain and Portugal had a 3-3 draw, South Korea beat Germany, Japan's magnificent way of playing football, Belgium lost its ticket to the Finals and when Croatia lost to France. I'll never forget this especially when some people invaded the final match.😅😂 I'm gonna miss the commentators' spectacular and very energetic comments/statements. In other words, I'm gonna miss watching here daily... 😔😭

Thank you FIFA!! Thank you, Russia!! Congratulations, France!!! 😁👏👏👏

These are some of the reasons why football is also called as *The Beautiful Game* . ⚽💕

Again, thank you!!! 😊

Author — Mel Jose


Congrat from argentina to France, the best team of this world cup!
No defeat, great goals, big talents, and they have gone a goal behind only for 9 min within the whole tournament!! Solid.

Author — robinhood


Spasiba bratja Ruski na sve! To je bilo najboljshe Svetsko preventsvo v fudbalu. Lyublyu tebya tvoya Serbia! 🇷🇺❤🇷🇸

Author — 1 7


Thank You Russia! It was my first World Cup, which I saw with my own eyes live. dreams come true. Russia is the best host. Spasibo!

Author — Jacek Uniwersał


THANK YOU RUSSIA ! ! ! " Unforgettable ", indeed Спасибо за эту великолепную организацию

Author — regis simon


Good job Russia for hosting one of the best FIFA World Cup ever!

Author — Powder Wig Wooden Teeth MF


Thank you Croatia. You have earned a special place in my heart.❤🇭🇷

Author — Hmk 163


Thanks Russia for this beautiful world cup
Greetings from france.

Author — grill38


Eh, Russia 2018.... Now this is history. Great tournament and beautiful memories. Hvala Russia - Спасиба Россия. Greetings from Croatia.

Author — Muhlo7


Прошло больше года и я любуюсь .Я горжусь своей сборной и самой страной.Спасибо

Author — Alexander Ereskin


I will never forget this World cup. This is so nostalgic. Truly the best World Cup. This is a place in my heart and I will never forget this! Congratulations to France! :D I also watched a few matches and the final live with my own eyes. Thank you Russia.

Author — Mrblood64


Best World Cup ever hands down. I’m so thankful I had the chance to be there for tow games.

Author — Lukas Josef


Who else is sad it’s over 😢 4 Years to go!

Author — Pearl Fountain


Лучший чемпионат мира прошел в нашей стране! Спасибо за этот праздник! И с нетерпением ждем ЧМ 2022 в Катаре

Author — Dake Hard