Secret Temple of Toda Tribe - What is Inside?

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Secret Temple of Toda Tribe - What is Inside? 5

Hey guys, today we are going to a very unique site. We are going to a tribal temple. I have shown you hundreds of temples but there are temples which are still used by tribes of India. And we are going to look at a specific tribe called the Todas.
As you can see this is a weird looking spire and this is one of the temples of the Todas. Let’s go take a look and see what’s up there but I have to take off my shoes because this is holy grounds. The Toda temples are shrouded in mystery. They come from pre-historic times and Thodas are still a very primitive tribe. There is only about 1500 of them, alive. They do not interact with the outside world. And their temples are very secretive.
What is inside these temples? Why are they maintained in such a secretive manner? As you can see this is the entrance and it is blocked with a rock and I am going to try and see what is inside. I am not able to open this. What could possibly be inside that is so secretive? So you can see this is not opening. I am trying to open this.. What could possibly be inside?
Let me see if I can find an opening where I can show you what’s inside. This has never been seen by anybody outside the Todas. I don’t see any openings I can use to show you what’s inside this temple. So what else is there? Is there anything? This is .. There is a hole. And it looks like it is going in really deep. But there is no light. Let me see... I have no idea what’s inside. … But it is really deep and I don’t have enough lights to show you what’s inside. What could possibly be inside?

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Author — PraveenMohan


This is the most underrated channel ever in my opinion.

Author — Surendra


As usual, nice video. If you don't mind there is one suggestion,
you don't need any BG sound effect to make video adventurous, Your videos r already so interesting.
That BG sounds feel like something is being fabricated. U know how our news media are now these days.
Please keep video simple and original as usual, it makes videos more reliable.
Thanks for wonderful work.

Author — Sudhir Saini


Praveen, I love your channel, but the music and overdramatizing in this one is ridiculous. You are making it look like one of those History channel bogus docs made to boost views as opposed to educate. Please return to the Brian Foerster style of simply showing us new places without all this over-editing. It's exciting enough for us to see your explorations and think about the questions you pose. Just a suggestion, please keep em coming either way.

Author — dhalsim282


only one word for parveen Mohan ( LEGEND )

Author — varun thakur


Do away with the dramatics, bro. You don't need this BS to make your videos interesting. Your content is the King.

Author — Speak Art


I prefered your previous editing - without annoying horror background audio . There is no need for such drama . God luck in your research .

Author — rade


Please don't change your video presentation method...Your previous style of video presentation was better.

Author — ruturaj2009


Bro do a video on keeladi. Our govt. Won't tell the truth atleast u can tell about that

Author — Fun Updates


Excellent subject matter but disappointed that you showed such disrespect for local customs, please teach others who follow you the correct way to respect religious Artefacts and locations. Thank you

Author — Alexander Roberts


That drone photography is breathtaking. Blessings to brother pravin mohan 👍🏼👍🏼👏👏👏

Author — Kumar Abhishek


First I hit the like button then watched vedio

Author — Bharat Kk


Be careful Praveen Mohan, Poisonous Snakes may be there in such an old Archeological area.

Author — Mohankumar MS


Our pathetic education system is made by British and liberals we need to change that our history is completely opposite

Author — Subhasheesh Bera


Gave like without even watching video coz I m damn confident that this is going to be great as usual. Keep up with Ur great work sir.

Author — Vishal Jain


Do video on Keeladi( Tamilmadu..India).. It is a Hidden treasure of knowledge ...

Author — GVK


Too much of a dramatic tone as compared to your previous videos..hard to focus and indulge in the actual information.

Author — Suvs K


U do not need sound effect to make it interesting.
Do not add BG.

Author — prince ofvenus


You are awesome, I love your channel but please drop the music

Author — Phil Easterbrook


Vote for less BG music and video effects. It's nice, in general, but focuses out. I personally like more your old school style

Author — Paul Krestol