LeafyIsHere v. Twitch Streamers (XQC, Hasan Piker, Destiny)

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LeafyIsHere v. Twitch Streamers (XQC, Hasan Piker, Destiny) 4.5

Is 20 dollars okay???

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Just want to put it out there, we don't have a problem with people reacting to the channel's content and don't want anyone to feel discouraged from doing it. In fact, we've got a feature-length video coming on the second channel soon and we actively want people to view it as a watch-along.

I can see why other people wouldn't feel this way, and that's their call, but we think it's all good.

I also personally reached out to XQc/Asmon last year to let him know there's no problem, so I feel bad that he's getting flak for us specifically.

If it's flagrant ripping of the catalogue then Youtube gives tools/options, and yeah, we can claim the monetisation -- but that's not something we've ever had to use.

So long as the videos are being watched and enjoyed then we're thrilled about it.

Author — Internet Historian


It’s funny that Hasan as a leftist doesn’t see the problem in profiting off other people’s labor

Author — Angel Valenzuela


Leafy's card dragging on longer than the others was a nice touch.

Author — Oliver Regal


They way XQC defends himself sounds like he knows what he's doing is wrong, he knows he's taking advantage of other people's work so he can be lazy, but is trying too hard to defend himself in the hopes that he doesn't get cancelled because the money he makes off of doing nothing is too great to pass up. His later arguments about "how everyone is wrong and yada yada yada" are the same arguments one of my uncle's uses whenever he's found to be in the wrong or has lost the argument and doesn't want to admit.

Author — Nicholas Montgomery


"No more Mr Nice Pokimane"
-tweets that didn't age well

Author — Chabrosito


"should I skip internet historians ad"what garbage am I hearing the ads are one of the best parts

Author — Kana Koketso Kenney Kana


People on twitch are like the Californians of the Internet

Author — Blue Chains


“There’s a market for snuff films so they should be legal”

Author — John Doe


Hassan Piker: " Watching other people's content for 6-8 hours a day is such a hard

Author — Double Yew


Hassan is like a swirling contradiction when he talks about profiting off the efforts of others.

Author — Whoooa Dude


The real question is if turkey Tom like turkey

Author — Dark


In the end, this whole ordeal is gonna be forgotten in a month or two.

Author — Lone Shark


They need to take a page out of Asmongold's book when watching content. My man turns a 10 minute video into a half hour discussion

Author — Certified Sushi


Tbf Asmongolds reactions are generally OK. The guy pauses and discusses like every 10 seconds.

Author — Old Blue


Saying "America Deserved 9/11" is such a edgy 13 year old thing to say.

Author — Sollux Captor


I want to say- Asmongold at least actually interacts with the content people send him/he brings up. He'll pause, talk about related information/give his hot-take on things, then continue.

Author — Tanmang42


When Leafy comes back, the drama comes back.

It's like the old days.
Edit: Boy, did I get proved wrong.

Author — MeatwadMeatwad


"xQc Reacts to Beirut Explosion, Lebanon" wtf

Author — Dad


I like bionicpig videos, but he's definitely not very smart.

Author — Main, The Democrats Cheated, A


The one and only streamer "reaction" i watch is Etika.

Author — ΛXCEL