2023 American Silver Eagle Coins - Good For Silver Investing?

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Are the 2023 American Silver Eagle Coins good for silver investing or silver stacking? In this video I show off the new 2023 American Silver Eagles as well as the new security feature. Every year the security feature on the American silver eagle coins changes location. For the 2023 silver eagles the security feature is located on in the 3 O'clock position on the edge of the coin. I talk about why silver eagles are good to be buying for a silver investment and why the 2023 American silver eagle coins may not be the best purchase. I show off some other silver coins that have lower premiums than the 2023 silver eagles. If the premiums can come down on silver eagle coins then I think they would be good for silver stacking. In the meantime here is the link for the silver coin bundle I talk about in the video:

Bullion Max Silver Coin Bundle:

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I love the silver eagle's and I will continue to stack them for investing. I do hate the premium is high, but there still good to have.

Author — TexasRob28


I love it especially type 2 - it's so simplistically classical.

Author — haych


I picked up 25 American Silver Eagles. My first silver purchase. I'm sure I paid more for them than other coins but I'm ok with that. I shopped around and got the best price.

Author — BC USA


Only my first 2 months of stacking, and I got very lucky with a LCS. I’m picking up nothing but Walking liberty half’s, Benjess, barbers, mercury dimes, and even some standing quarters all for 20x face!!! Also ASEs for $34!??! No tax included 🤫 and he just sold me a mint 1/10 oz maple for $200 today!! I got very lucky!

Author — PM_King


Hey Mr Silver Dragons, hopefully you see this. I know everyone’s got preferences for rounds and coins. Wouldn’t it be smarter to actually buy eagles since they carry a face value? I know there are states that do accept gold and silver and legal tender. Wouldn’t generics be affected by that? Would love to hear back thanks. I am new to silver and just wanted that cleared

Author — Damian Waller


I love silver eagles. They are my favorite coin by far. What I hope is that when I go to sell them (hopefully never), you can collect back some or most of the premium. I am still buying silver eagles. I know you miss them too…

Author — Nathan Sage


The Eagle would be my favourite 1OZ coin to stack but currently they have a $28 premium in Australia. Really dont understand why anyone would pay such a high premium.

Author — my1956effie


I like the eagle design on the 2023 more than the 2021.

Author — Ron Mack


I bought 5 tubes w 6 buck premium. The best thing about SE is there is zero CG tax when sold.

Author — Shaggy Man


Just ordered your BullionMax deal can't wait to get it delivered. Great way to see available bullion coins, thanks for your channel and this deal!

Author — Don Greenlee


My thoughts haven’t changed on the new Silver Eagle design from 2022. I liked the old design much better.

Author — Kristopher Young


Silver Dragons I not only agree with you on the 2023 ASE'S your video was spot on.

Author — Jonathan Winchell


The change of reed position is going to stop so many potential fakes for the silver eagle's coins.

Author — chad Smith


Just got my first '23 ASE for my album yesterday with 5 more coming my way. Gotta have a few at least for each year.

Author — GE TX


FYI I just found out that counterfeit Type 2 Eagles have just entered the market and they are starting to look good. The even have the missing ridge the US Mint have spent millions of dollars to develop. That didn't take long for them to figure out.

Author — Norm


I agree. Generic is what people need to focus on. The American Eagles are good but those prices are too high.

Author — Joshua Peltier


I just bought the Silverback from Bullion Max. I hope it's in before the 27th. It will make a great birthday present to myself!

Author — Phillip Smith


Agree with you Silver Dragon 100%! ASE’s are to expensive both from online dealers and on open market for now. Lots of other better options for stacking Silver!

Author — Mark Sabatino


The old ASE bullion coin is officially a collector coin now. Definitely not a stacker.

Author — T the Silver Stacker


What premium over spot would be a “good deal”?

Author — Cam Lore