Trump's Crazy Day After Historic Midterm Elections

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Trump's Crazy Day After Historic Midterm Elections 5

On the night after the 2018 midterm elections, James runs through the headlines including the candidates who made history, as well as President Donald Trump's bizarre press conference and his firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Trump is the real enemy of the American people...

Author — Mirsa Whipple


Jesus how much orange can trump put on his face

Author — Very Nice


"This is not wat we mean when we said a woman's place is in the house." Lol!🤣😅

Author — MLG HELP


Trump spends more time shushing the journalists than answering....

Author — Angel


Dissing his colleagues by name, one at a time. Yikes. The poor guy is a walking cry for help.

Author — sassulusmagnus


Fox News hosts pampered him so much that he don't know how to answer tough questions from other media outlets.

Author — LibHunk


A mature politician handles hecklers with grace and reporters with respect.

Author — Margot Gorske


If Trump can't do what he swore to do in upholding the US Constitution which includes 1st Amendment's Freedom of speech and press, along with others, then he needs to go. And, before you flame my post, keep in mind in the wording of the Constitution is right of the people to redress (criticize and question) those who govern (ie Trump). Read it!

Author — Tee Bee


I wish the White House press would boycott all conferences and completely ignore Trump. He would hate that he loves the attention but hates being ignored

Author — Moa Kiwifruit


Stripping journalists of their WH passes if they ask critical/uncomfortable questions is a good way to
A) prevent critical/uncomfortable questions getting asked in the future
B) have only Drumpf friendly journalists/news agencies sitting in and reporting about WH press conferences.
Dictators all over the world love such press conferences.

Author — O. B.


*You forget to mention two muslim women elected first time.*

Author — Blessed Girl


Also important to note - First Muslim congresswomen: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar & First Native American congresswomen: Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland

Author — suppohkram


Why didn’t he mention the first Muslim women in the house? 🤨

Author — wissal gamal


Spanky sounds like his period started and he has run out of tampex and had to use one of Jareds

Author — RK SMLMN


Anyone else noticing the reporters he called on were all white men

Author — Em W


The Toxic Carrot embraced the incumbent in my Congressional District and HE LOST!!! My candidate won! Woohoo!

Author — Judith Rosa


The pink wave needs to remove the orange stain from Washington, New York is not sending us their best.

Author — Michelle Partridge


What a incompetent guy in the United States office. This is a joke right?

Author — sky high


ngl im kinda annoyed he didnt talk abt the 2 first muslim women elected

Author — Iman Fadlalla


I've been saying this for months *Are we overlooking something? This dictator president and his kids have used their charity foundation funds[million$$$$] like a checkbook to pay for personal items, trips, special interests, and lawyers. Isn't that enough to prosecute the whole family?*

Author — EJ GIGGEY